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suggestions for pvp map changes

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this is mainly directed towards coliseum and Capricorn, first coliseum make it a bit smaller its too large for some less mobile classes (non super porting/blink/dodgy builds classes), also take out the relics not really needed in my opinion sword is only one i ever see work/used the most and its by somebody in a class that really did not need it and dwayna shield i hardly see proc/used as much, 2nd again make it little bit smaller capricorn plz either change bell to not stack really hate having matches ended cause some team with 2x scourges hold bell and nobody can do anything then they up and basically flub the rest of the match. and another thing this can be for couple maps but how about make it not possible for teams to camp spawn be nice, too many matches on maps like coliseum/temple where people kill the other team enough that they are basically standing at where they spawn as people spawn in, i understand some maps are like this but when you can't get out gets to point where nobody wants to play. and last and i know this probably most important plz for love of the six can we not have coliseum and capricorn on the same select thing all the times i can hardly get any other maps but this 2 maps and they are not fun half the time, by end i usually either yelling at my screen cause my team gave up halfway or after first bell on capricorn or if we are down by 20 or something in coliseum.

as said these are just suggestions be nice if happened but doubt will, idk add to this if can think of anything if not just ignore my ramblings.

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