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What if they did away with Renegade AI

Exalted Quality.8534

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If ANET doesn’t want to make spirits unkillable or invulnerable to cc, what about removing the spirits and making the area of effect around the caster instead? I realize renegades are supposed to be the ritualists of this game, but there is 100,000 times more AoE damage and CC in GW2 than there was in the original game. This fact makes the suggestion that Renegades should “carefully consider placement on the battlefield” laughable. You could still show the animations eminating from the caster to not lose connection to lore, but the spirits would be no more than an animation.

Let’s face it. The whole concept behind this spec only really works for stationary combat (PvE). There is a stationary element to PvP, but when a scourge takes 7 massive dumps on a cap point or holo goes bombs away with CC, that shouldn’t completely negate a renegade’s utilities.

Additionally, if the area of affect was mobile, the shortbow would be much more dynamic as well. An example would be using Razorclaw’s Rage on a cap point which has an effective radius of 360. Although the shortbow has a range of 900, you can’t stand in the area of effect of the spirit and maximize the usefulness of the ranged weapon at the same time). Also, shortbow #3 (sevenshot) requires the user to be a precise distance from the target. The fact that we have a ranged weapon, but are forced to stand in a tiny circle feelsbadman.

Lastly, a world with less AI clutter would be nice.


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the only AI that work are pets and mesmers. Mesmer AI's are made to fucking die and when u decide not to shatter them they have strong phantasm attacks. on top of that they are buffable and can move.

Pets are sturdy enough buffable and can be healed

renegade AI just stands there in a single spot, and take all damage with em, can't move.

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