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POF feedback (again! after 6months)

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I hate posting here for obvious reasons, but today I come back just to post to celebrate my extreme enjoyment of PoF even after 6 months and GW2 as a whole, and of course to give positive feedback to the dev team behind these expansions and mechanics.

My journey: I started this game way back in 2012, and after about 1 year i did everything got lvl 80s blah blah grinded wvw to the bones, went on a hiatus for 1 or 2 years, then when i saw HoT in an online ad, I was like let me try this expansion. and of course HoT absorbed me back into the game. And I've been playing ever since. PoF is just as amazing! I love the specializations, love firebrand, mirage, spellbreaker, scourge, love the mechanics of these specializations. HoT brought gliding, raids and challenging content, PoF brought mounts and even further specializations that are so amazing to play... I can't get enough of it!!!!!!!! I love going around doing the bounties, love wing 5 raiding!

and most of all i love collecting my favourite mount skinss!


My fav is this blue? killer? Sperm? whale mount... it's so funny! Can't wait to see more mount ideas. (Are we allowed to say sperm whale without getting banned?)

Anyway, Good job dev team, and I look forward to the next living story episode or expansion (if there is one).

Few months ago, people made fun of me on reddit for saying "I love everything about PoF", today I still stand by my words,,, I do indeed love everything about PoF :D

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The only thing HoT is superior to PoF is the meta events that actually give good rewards, will never forget when I did Dragon stand for the first time, Chak Gerent and Tarir.PoF metas rewards don't motivate players to repeat them for a long time, that's why nowadays is hard to find groups for PoF events.Also the PoF achievements are very stingy lol, I mean lots of expensive collection that only give 3ap is not good, if we get another expansion i hope it will be more generous on that aspect.

I love the PoF maps tho, I don't hate exploring them like I do when I explore tangled depths for example lol. The story was much more enjoyable and fun to play, the mounts are awesome and a nice addition to the game.

In general I love PoF, anet did a good job.

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