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  1. Seems like EU devs cant even say anything about it, we will have to wait for the NA devs to wake up and give us some news
  2. I actually came back to the game after a 4 months break to get the balls, got the wvw ring in 2 days, now working on the pvp amulet might take me a few months.lost most of my interest in this game, but these balls managed to get me back.Ahh I love balls
  3. Got it first try and I even hit one of the pumpkins and got dismounted. The track is also easier compared to last year, they removed that jump at the very start making this achievement much easier.
  4. As long we have players defending these mobile games practises in gw2 we will keep getting them and they will get worse for sure.
  5. I just used the ele elite skill fiery greatsword and spam the skill 3 and 4 to the end.
  6. So this home instance node is only giving 1 chili, is this a bug? I guess its a bug since a few LS nodes had the same problem on release day, just thought anet would have learned by now how to avoid that.Or maybe its deliberate and if no one complain they will keep it dropping 1 chili forever :open_mouth:
  7. TP lost half its response speed for a long time and it never recovered.After anet changed the servers to cheaper ones or something like that.
  8. After all ap is done it will be another dead content, unless anet starts rewarding properly.
  9. Not comparing to dulfy, she did much more than any of the streamers in this game.But if deroir got a npc I think teapot should be recognized in some way as well.I don't even know what deroir did to deserve a npc in the game, but he got one.
  10. No, but balance it out so that one thing doesnt outshine everything else by miles. Make it so instead of spaming the 2min fractal, you have to do different ones, thats it.Edit: Tbh, these 2 fractals just need to be extended in length. They are too short.I'd say that extending fractals because they were "too short" and/or making them more challenging because they were "too easy" is one of the reasons why the fractal population keeps falling.True, im still annoyed with the aquatic changes.
  11. Its what they said all along how are you supriced mate? Didn't see anything about the stats until the stream xD It will have super high stats. You should take a look at the video: +45 to all stats, +Karma, +XP, +MF, +what not (at least 7 or 8 different things). Also, it won't be personal food but plates that everyone on the map can use, at least according to the video. yeah I mean higher stats like 120 power instead of 100 for example.Those bonus to karma, magic find, exp wont make me spend any gold on that food for sure.
  12. so the foods wont have higher stats? only the extra karma, xp, etc? meh boring.
  13. Sorry, but this reminds me on that scene from early Harry Potter where Dudley throws a tantrum because he gets only 36 birthday gifts when last year he got 37 ;) . I understand that every person values each gift differently, and it can be a disappointment when the one gift (of many) that you find most helpful doesn't turn up again next year, but it really is a gift that we are getting "for free" (just by having a character for a certain amount of time). I find it makes them much more enjoyable if I take them as a free bonus, rather than feel entitled to get x or y. Well I don't really care about the scroll, I just think year 7 present shouldn't give less than the year 6 present that's all.This is not about birthday, its about how many years people are playing the game.The more you play the less reward, its like the ap rewards, 40k ap gets the same reward as a 5k ap player.But none of this bothers me, I know what type of game im playing and anet needs to make money.
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