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Can we get a "Consume All" function for guild decorations please!!!

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I have over 4,000 SAB furniture tokens that i have to manually click 1 x 1 x 1 and move the cursor back n forth each time. :( GW2 standing & clicking wars is really bad for my fingers and eyes :D Even holding the mouse in one spot and clicking multiple times really fast would be a huge improvement over what i currently have to do, but that still is a HUGE pain and i've seen this fixed for other areas/vendors.

For the last 16days i've been manually doing 150 at a time twice a day. Now i've burned all my bauble bubbles and have 4k+ worth sitting in inventory cause i can't stand to do them all at once. I thought macros are illegal even for just clicking, so could we please get a consume all or be able to donate any number or full stack of coins (or any decoration) at a time, please. It seems like it should already be able to function that way with how its set up, but alas we can't. :(

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