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Am I doing this right? (General neWvWbie stuff)


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Due to some recent posts about WvW and what Commanders want in the squad, I want to see if there are any unwritten rules I should know about. I’ve never met a squad that kicked me out, but I can definitely understand that the squad wants to be as efficient ant possible – which is made easier running certain classes or builds in coordination.I’m usually running a meditrapper roamer, it’s just around my level of practicing the ins and outs of WvW and the guardian class itself. Before that I had a brief moment of Power Mirage, but felt a bit selfish.

Now, from the name of the build itself, I understand it’s not meant for larger groups. Is it ‘wrong’ to join a squad with a build like this and is it better to just run alongside without joining the squad? I can still do what I usually do, pick off some strays, teleporting into the blob and dropping cleanses and traps, giving out some aegis and protection. All I am missing is probably squad chats?

Since I am fairly new to WvW and noticing some of the recent posts, I guess I just want to know if I’m in the way by joining up or if it would be more acceptable to just roam alongside? Or maybe I am overthinking and it’s not an issue?

And yes, I usually check squad messages about builds and I have been looking at Firebrands, but I’m not good enough for that just yet (a dead Firebrand isn’t very useful), since I don’t really understand all the classes ‘jobs’ in the larger groups. I will probably, eventually, someday switch to Firebrand, but at the moment I am still learning the playmode itself and I am honestly having a lot of fun playing a ‘just decent, not the best’ build.

Are the more unwritten rules I should take heed of? Should I not use, in general, certain skills (guardian) because it drops the wrong field? Should I wait to grab supplies and build/repair until the mastery is filled? I was hoping there would be a ‘sticky’ post, but I reckon that went away after moving to the new forums.

I do realize that shiny cool Golem in the garrison isn't for me, so at least I got that going for me. Which is nice.

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  • If the tag is open, join it. If it is in TS, join TS too, you are not required to talk but it is very useful to hear the comm.
  • Sometimes tag is not completely open, but you can still hang with them
  • Guild tags commonly do not want random people run with them

Now the build... If squad is not full then usually nobody cares what you run and anyone is welcome. If squad is getting full and more people want to join it, comm or lieutenants can kick some of the classes/builds they consider less valuable to the zerg. Thieves that pick off enemy backline do not have to be in the squad to do that effectively (but it is still nice to be in TS to hear what the comm plans).

Basically, the game has arrived to the point now where most of the zerg is Scourges. Better zergs run up to 2/3 Scourges. Beside few people who do specific tasks (comm focus, veil etc), only remaining viable classes beside Scourge are Firebrands to heal and remove condis from the Scourges in his party and Spellbreakers to cast bubbles. This is for the zergs that really try extremely hard to win every fight (cough vabbi/deso). There are still servers and comms who run around for fun and use random classes, in such case just do your best and use skills you are comfortable with.

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Thanks for the replies!

I usually stay away from groups with the same [tag] thinking it's guild only. Helpful with the TS part, didn't think about that at all. I am on Vabbi myself, but never been kicked yet (most of the time people join/leave squads often enough that there's a spot or two open every 10 minutes or so). That the majority are Scourges and Firebrands hasn't been lost on me - I've tried Scourge but thought it was awfully boring. It's another reason I enjoy playing meditrap, I guess - not doing exactly as the current meta, but hopefully not completely useless.

Thanks also for shining light on the fact that there are random squads still running around. I've semi-noticed this in game, but seems to be more of a rare gem on the forums. It's encouraging!

If anyone has any input on the last part (I.E waiting to grab supplies/build/repair until mastery is maxed out etc), it would be great to know.

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It is probably best to max up masteries before going for the sups/rams/acs. It should not take that long to max them all, and also most players have done WvW for about 5 years every day so they expect everyone else to be maxed too. Same time, many players find repairing/ramming and such boring and avoid it if possible.

P.S. I do like Vabbi but we only get to fight them every other week when they reach T1 again, and then drop back to T2 because Vabbi still has no interest about Points. We are trying very hard to drop down to T2 but it is so hopeless because Gandara has too many players who just capture objectives for dailies and enjoy defending them later.

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Thanks! I thought as much. The will to be helpful immediately is in this case not trying to help =) Better leave that for later. Yes, repairing isn't exactly the highlights of my WvW experience so far.

I've yet to familiarize myself with the different servers. But I get the general consensus in mapchat. Looking forward to seeing different strategies!

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Join a guild that runs a lot and learn there. Personally, I prefer to not be in squad. It is because commanders can just kick everyone and close tag without warning. I just don't allow the disappointment, and most zergs don't like what I play. Besides, soloing in a zerg will make you a better player.

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