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[SUGGESTION] Please remove automatic listing items on TP.

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Ah, the wonders of race conditions in multi-tasking systems. I learned about these in my early 80s computer classes. They were a problem then, and they are still today.

This likely cannot be fixed given the way the TP (Trading Post) works. They would have to stop the current order, reset a new order with the partial quantity, and then sell again. But, the same thing could happen again to the now-smaller new sell order.

The only way to fix it properly would be to put a lock on the current buy offer until your transaction completes. But, what if your offer isn't the first? They would have to implement a lock/unlock process, and that's REALLY hard to do in an EXISTING multi-tasking database (which the TP is).

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One thought might be letting the user cancel a sell order with X time of listing (5 minutes?) and get a full refund? Because to me, that is the real problem - I do an instant sell, it doesn't sell (or partially sells). At this point, I either want to sell again and the new lower price (probably 1c less) because I want it immediately, or I want to list 1c below the current lowest sell price. I don't want to be listed at 1c above the current highest buy price.But right now, if you cancel a listing, you lose the listing fee, so it is not worth doing.

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