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Miniature Collection - Set II: Complete, but not?

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So I've noticed this for a while, but thought maybe there was just something glitched with the numbering, but I decided to buy one more mini and see what happened. Sure enough, I have the achievement for 44/44 but I am actually missing 2 minis from the collection (per the wardrobe). Has to be a bug somewhere.


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@Ewon.5903 said:For some reason the set 2 mini collection only requires you to have 44/46 miniatures in the set.

Of course nothing stops that from being a bug, or at least an oversight. The interesting question, though, is how to go about fixing it. Unless two specific ones aren't actually available (so all people who've finished the collection have the same two not completed, and nobody has more than 44/46), there will be issues if they remove two items from the collection, and equally there will be weirdness if they raise the collection target to 46, since there are people like @Vision.9074 (OP) who have completed it but don't have all 46.

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