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Scourge Questions

Angelica Dream.7103

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A scourge is a strong dps in WvW. I'm not sure how out of date I am with the build, but it's likely a setup that turns boons into conditions. The more boons you stack on yourself or allies, the more you hurt. Sand shade has 2 options for its deployment. It can be one big shade or 3 small shades. You can only place one at a time but it's common to spam shades to rip boons and add conditions as a burst against larger groups.

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Here are the two builds I am looking at (is there a better build?)*Is the Sup Rune of the Berserker that much better than the Sup Rune of the traveler?

  • Axe/ Torch or Scepter/Torch


@Fizwitz Sorry I don't remember. Was it you? What was you build?

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