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Dungeons bugged?

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My guild and I ran the story path for Honorary of the Waves and the explorable path for Crucible of Eternity today, and part way through the story, the dungeon became very slow and unresponsive. I thought this was just my internet, but subsequently, other guild members weren't able to see some of the bosses when we were fighting them, the cutscenes had backgrounds but no characters and no dialogue (though dialogue still showed up in the chat box) and all the profiles of the members of our party were suddenly invisible.

It was the same in the second dungeon (the explorable one), though this time it extended to extremely long waiting times for the loading screen, the weapons on my character disappearing, and my character did not appear when I opened the hero panel. This only happened when we were in the dungeons. Once we exited, everything seemed to be back to normal.

I'm not the only one in my party who experienced these problems, and while we thought it might have been just bad connection at first, we are all playing from different parts of the world. It's improbable that the WiFi across the planet decided to flake out on us at the same time. We thought it might be a server issue, but none of us can be sure. It certainly made for quite the annoying experience, knowing that my guild mates were dying in combat while I was staring at my loading screen and hoping it would hurry up so I could stop making my team carry me.

I didn't think of taking any screenshots at the time or videoing the long loading screen, so I can't provide much more to the discussion other than my account of what happened.

Edit: Forgot to mention that during the last boss fight in Crucible of Eternity, one of my guildmates got kicked out of the dungeon entirely. He managed to log back in, but missed the final rewards because of that.

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