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[Suggestion] Gathering Tool Glyphs

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All of the glyphs are able to be removed from the tools and put on other tools. That can be a bit of a hassle if you want to use just one glyph for all three tools that you own, however. So, here's my idea.

Make the infinite gathering tools similar to legendary gear in that they can swap unlocked glyphs as easily as legendary gear can swap stats. Now, in order for this to work, I suggest making the glyphs consumable, which would unlock it for your account. Once the glyph is unlocked, you could select that glyph for the tool that you want it on. This way, people wouldn't have to take the glyphs off and put them back on for swapping which tool a glyph is on. I know I do this very, very often, so I'm sure there are plenty of other people as well who go through the small hassle of swapping the glyphs between tools for specific gatherings.

Perhaps this could work for all tools and not just the infinite ones, but it seemed only right to make it something only the gem-bought tools could do.

Maybe this idea is crap, maybe it's golden. I don't know, so you tell me.

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Currently it's exactly as easy to swap gathering suffixes as it is to swap legendary armor upgrades. The 'prefix' of gathering is swapped via the wardrobe.

I'm pretty sure ANet wants there to be a strong demand for buying the upgrades, as it helps drive black lion key sales by keeping the price of tradeable glyphs high on the TP.

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