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QOL request - small change, big improvement

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You are currently working on a major update, but a small adjustment of the existing one would - at least for me - save a lot of nerves:)

  • It's about the delay when assembling the guild weapons in the assembly device of the guild hall.

  • It's also about the delay when clicking the tactics you can get from the storage boxes in the WvW.

With both you can't just click through this, but have to wait about 2 seconds until the next click - that is annoying, horrible, at least for me.

So please, look over it.

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I'm 100% sure its because theres a longer server chain involved. Character database updates are heavily stream lined, because of how frequent they are. Guild assets have to go through one server, then request forwarded to another. This is a big deal for a database that has multiple things trying to write to it at once, so none of the updates are lost. Batch queuing could be a thing... but its not really compatible with how GW2 tries to rapidly fire single updates to and from the game client for each transaction.

I'd much rather the WvW UIs for the Guild get an revamp, due to a lot of cruft thats built up over the updates thats bypassed it entirely. I'd rather it be converted to a better resource system, so we can recycle unwanted upgrades. It would also help with letting them change the Tactics/Upgrade choices without having to generate a slew of new items to replace the old ones...... old ones which will sit forever in the TP once the price is no longer viable.

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