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Unsubscribe from a forum post?

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As to which option you are likely to want to disable to prevent this spam, it may not be sending you notifications due to receiving replies to a thread you created and that option could be left enabled. As your thread was merged with another, the notifications you are now receiving may be due to the option being enabled to receive notifications of replies to threads you've commented in.

Instead of disabling notifications from being sent when someone replies to a thread you created, you will likely want to disable notifications being sent when someone replies to a thread that you've commented in to prevent that notification spam. This way, unless you are quoted and the comment is directed at you or related to your comment, you will not be notified of an update in the thread.

(This was actually a much-discussed issue early on when the new forums became active and many could not disable the option fast enough due to the absurd amount of notification spam that it can generate. Due to the issue of notification spam as a result of making a comment in a topic that receives a lot of additional comments, or the topic commented in then being merged with another that receives a lot of comments, I recommend disabling this option as being the first thing done by anyone and everyone when they first join the forums or begin to participate in discussions.)

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