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To Dev: are you going to make something?

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I'm kindly asking if are you going to make something against "V-Classes" (thief and mirage condi), where simply you have to dodge to win every fight, and against war (perma invulnerable, high damge, evade, blocks, and ultra powerful traits). Because if you say no, is fine, I just want to know. I will pick these classes that I hate, and keep winning. I did for Necro, I did for Chrono, I will do with those.imho The situation is a bit unbearable, but you know, as long as I justs have to press "v v v" on my keyboard, win, get plat, get 20G chest, and then open DOTA 2 to do real esport and PvP, is fine.Just, wanna, know...

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Typical Dota 2 player much? Have you considered, you know, practicing? I get the mesmer, but war and thief? :D Was is easily kited to death and no, wars don't have "perma invulns" lol. Also, since you already play fotm professions only, why even bother asking this kind of question in the forums?

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