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new player advice needed

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hi there guys I literally know zero about guild wars 2 I don't know how to earn money how to get the best gear nothing atall so im looking for as much advise as possiblebut I have a few question firstI have all expansions except the newest one should I buy this? is it worth it? I got a level 80 boost with my last expansion but when I play that char I feel lost like I have no clue what im doing I bought the game expansion a while back but just couldn't get into the game but I really wanna give it a good gois it best to just level from level 1 or just the 80 char I played a pvp match and I think done okay got a bunch of killsalso another question is anything is the in game store needed to have a optimal experienceas much info as possible for a new play starting out coming from game such as bdo archeage and wow

thanks guys hope its not to much

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make a new toon and level it 1-80. you'll learn alot more from that than using that boost. Also, yes pof is worth because of mounts and the new especs, but mostly mounts. If you're in na send me a pm.editJust remembered something , for optimal experience, buy the salvage-o-matic from the gem store, siver or copper fed, either will do

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^what Sephylon said.

If you're completely new to gw2, it's best to manually take a character from level 1-80 so that you not only get a feel for the mechanics, but you also get used to the zones and start recognising places.

I can't say much about earning money (since I also suck at it) but in lower level zones, you can gather items (ore, wood, plants) and play the golden hearts (the gw2 equivalent of quests) and those would give you a bit of cash to start on. There should be mentors on any map you go into, just give a shout in map chat if you want some advice. Most people are helpful, ignore the trolls.

Gw2 isn't a game where the best gear is going to help you much, unless you're playing endgame content like raids and high tier fractals. You can't equip the best gear until you are level 80 anyway. Any gear that you get from drops or chests should be enough to cover you until you're level 80.

PvP is a great way to learn how to play, but remember that other players are generally smarter and know how to attack and defend better than any creature in PvE. Button mashing works against most PvE creatures, especially if you're in level 1-80 zones.

I'm on EU, so if that's your region, you can send me a message in game and we can chat about it if we're both online ^^

For reference to what's EU and NA (if you don't already know), refer to this post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/535776#Comment_535776

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If you're mostly without direction, doing the story is honestly not a bad way to go. You can get to it from your character panel in the Story Journal tab (8 pointed star icon) and it will let you start different chapters based on what content you have unlocked.

If you're looking for general gameplay advice, the biggest advice I can give is to get really used to a set of skills you like the feel of, and then once you feel you know them, re-read all the descriptions in detail again! Skills in GW2 are frequently extremely nuanced and it's really easy to forget or overlook aspects of a given skill that are actually extremely valuable once you know more about the game.

Also, learn about Combos and Break Bars. The game doesn't teach these well to new players and knowing about them will up your skill in combat significantly!https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_barhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/ComboFinally, for money, there are all kinds of farms and ways to get it, but for starting out, I would recommend selling every crafting material you find on the trading post instead of depositing them in the bank. You will make a solid amount of money just by playing the game in any mode this way. When you decide to craft, you can simply use the money you've made to buy the specific materials you need at the time.

Good luck! Feel free to ask me questions in game if you're on NA.

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thanks guys I recently tried bless online but refunded and spend my refund on the expansions for this and so far I really am enjoying its different from the sandbox feeling im used to ie bdo archeage but I have a question how to obtain crowbars seems I used 2 to open airship cargo ? also is this worth doing thanks every for your help

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Crowbars are obtained from doing the meta (map wide event) in Verdant Brink. I think you can also get them from chests or drops in that map.

The only difference with alts is the profession and the race you pick, which slightly affect the personal story. If you're not into the story or RP or you're not interested in redoing everything, then there's not much point in having more alts. If you're still not used to the game and want to (re)learn the basics, taking an alt from level 1-80 is useful.I suggest focusing on one alt first until you get the hang of the skills and weapon swapping and stuff, and if you're bored of that you can try another profession with another alt.

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Welcome to guild wars 2. I am happy to help you. .

Crow bars are from verdant brink jungle. You do the little orange yellow area quests and you get crow bars and experience points for mastery levels as you do them.

Opening air ship cargo is decent crafting materials and armors you can sell for 2-3 silvers each.

You can have alts if you but there is a problem.

You have to gear them up - unlock their spells and traits (talent points) from all 3 sub classes but the worst is - you have to re-explore the entire world for map ports to travel.

Leveling from 1-80 should give you many map ports and unlock the map to see everything.

If you want alts that is fine. Really up to you. Gives you more game time to play.

The gem shop has mostly consumables and outfits. I recommend buying the account upgrade so you get 2 bank slots and 2 bag slots.

Black lion keys are addictive so be careful if you get some keys. They give you cool prizes and power ups. Some stuff is junk though. Still black lion keys are addictive

For the cash shop - I would pick 1 outfit you like and wear it and dye it different colors on each character if you're not picky. Or for roleplaying buy a lot or outfits

The chest and loot you get from kills is Structured PvP can be vendored or auctioned in the black lion trade post.

Or if you feel brave..... Grab a sickle and harvest you're server's resources in each base tower camp. You can make some quick daily gold that way. This is world versus world world pvp. You can get ganked and attacked in that zone world so be careful.

If you plan to craft - well - you can make powerful armor and eventually make great gold - but for awhile you'll be broke. Materials you get won't be sold because you use it for level ups in crafting.

When doing crafting - try to discovery new recipes and either keep discovering recipes or craft an item an item for exp.

There is crafting guided to help you but they use up a lot of gold. You buy materials and spark power up your crafting level to Max level

I wish you good luck friend. Be well. Have fun.

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thanks every1 the information was very helpful and seems such a nice commutiy I think ill ignor the level 80 characters for now so I can get a feel for the world and like the dude said recognize places ive been and most proberly learn things along the way I had a thought that alts might be usefull because it seems storage and gold is shared which I really likemany thanks :)

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