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Funny Mount Ideas

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I was reading some posts about mounts and a thought came to me; funny alterations to current mounts.

I thought: "What would happen if the mount took off without the rider on it?" Not in a random, uncontrolled direction, but have the rider fall off and begin running/swimming/gliding behind trying to catch up or foot gets caught in the stirrups. The mount would still be controlled by the PC and the rider would get back on when it stopped or executed a combat maneuver.

There are crazy skins for other things in the GW2 realm; like a mace shaped like a disco ball or a pistol that fires confetti (each of which costs around 1900g or 760000gems to craft).

Now I'm not one for buying permanent mount skins, but I thought just for one day or week per year have the RNG cause something "bad" to happen.

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