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Aurora resume

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I had taken a few months break from gw2 and when I came back I wanted to build something.I chosed Aurora because it was the easiest for me.

Part 1/2 (Achievements)I had the most fun with it. Play the game. Do achievments on the maps.Although it took a few days for Druid Stone the effort was relatively low. 1-2 days on the map and most of it was done. If you had enough karma, you could buy the 3 skins directly, otherwise you have to wait a bit. A total of 730k Karma for 3 cheap skins is of course questionable. Do not think I use one of them.

And then the "fun" part began after the achievments.Here you are back where you are with every legendary. Pure gold farming what's dead boring.Some like it, i don't.And you have to play WvW for the Gift of Battle. Took me around 6-7h over 3 days. Community imo is broken. Questionable requirements.The map materials of the LW3 are IMO something strangely balanced. Partially without limit, then with account limit, then with limit and not even 100% chance.

So after building Sunrise and now Aurora, Aurora was much more fun for me.The most annoying thing is and remain the mystical coins and the mystic clover.

And it would be great if you could transmute Aurora.

So i think Astralaria is next ;-)

PS: Lets go Vegas Golden Knights

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