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  1. They put another 5% crit chance on other traits that supposedly are easily accessible for power builds, which we all know isn't true by just looking at the patch notes.
  2. Arenanet: gets rid of frost spirit's +5% damage and banners +300 stats for power builds Also Arenanet: butchers every power spec in the game to compensate make sure they stay dead Why do I still bother 🙃
  3. +1, same for me and the Aurelian Herring. Sometimes I wish there would be some kind of bad luck mitigation for those.
  4. Unlike Gifts of Aurene, Ascended Boxes such as Drakkar's Hoard, Pile of Regurgitated Armor and Tequatl's Hoard aren't stackable in the invetory. Afaik, every single ascended box in the game is stackable currently, but those 3. Some people like hoarding them / holding onto them for later use and have multiples in their inventories, eating up a lot more space than intended / needed. I think they should be updated for the sake of consistency. It should be as easy as changing a "non-stackable" tag to a "stackable" one, right? There's also absolutely no cons to it, it is a very much needed QoL improvement for edge cases that change absolutely nothing for those who don't care about hoarding said items or don't have that many of them. I should not be forced to instantly choose an item the moment I get awarded those boxes. There are other items (such as salvage kits and inventory bags) that should also be stackable, but might be much more complex to update due to how they interact with other items. Drakkar's Hoard, Tequatl's Hoard and Pile of Regurgitated Armor should function the same way other Ascended Boxes do, the technology is already there.
  5. It's incredibly frustrating to have to deal with the pointless gear, food and upgrade components limitations on the new BETA characters. Not only you are forced to a handful of exotic gear while we just had the legendary armory update (like, just give beta characters full legendary gear kitten), but also the food, rune and sigil options are a joke. To make things worse, the bank is copied ONLY when you create your FIRST character, deleting all of them and trying again won't reset anything. I wanted to test different rune and sigil combos that weren't included in the free chests we receive, and guess what? There is no way to get them. Can't buy on the TP, can't craft w/o leveling it to 400 (with only your current materials, since you can't buy more) literally impossible to get. In my frustration, I deleted every beta character in the hopes that it would re-copy my account's bank. And half of the items I had on my main bank that I wanted to try out were on one of the chars I deleted. Now my bank is empty and it doesn't seem to have anything I can do to start over. This is draining my will to try out the new specs very fast, and I for sure won't care a single bit about the next beta if the same problem persists. Any ideas?
  6. Guess I'll wait until next week when they will hopefully fix it :/ . I'm not redoing that entire story chapter lol
  7. Also stuck in map result screen on my queue, can't do anything about it, help! edit: I'm fine now, thanks!
  8. It does, read the other chests not only the final one, its stated in some of them that they contain clovers and the currency.
  9. I have reasons to believe the answer is either no one should (normally the teams I'm in wait for the enemies to show themselves before engaging) or that we should look at the question the opposite way: who shouldn't jump into mid node? Well, if you're the DPSr you will be the focused target (as well as your support). You don't really wanna drag that much attention at the beginning of the game since you'll probably just get bursted, as you're badly positioned, and die. So no to that one.The support on the other hand probably won't get bursted in a sec (hopefully), but you as a support don't really wanna spend your skills to survive, but rather let your DPSr deal as much damage as one can before dying (probably killing everyone in the process). The support is often the most important target in the fight as well, or second most. So probably no to that one. Duelists shouldn't go mid at the very beginning of the match (assuming you only have 1 or 2 of them, and they're split home/far), cuz their strong "assets" aren't useful for winning 4-5 man fights, but rather 1v1's or 1v2's. On the other hand, maybe some duelist classes survive early pressure (such as mirage, weaver or holo) since they often have tons of survivability for themselves. Its common to see some duelists going mid at the beginning, its not bad if they know what they're doing there. So maybe that one?Well, the only role left is the roamer (mostly thief and rev ?), but they hardly have survivability, only high mobility, and they actually play like a +1, so they don't initiate fights, only skew them towards their team's advantage, mostly. I'd say a huge no to this one.Conclusion: it might change between games, but i'd say the best is someone who can "not die" when jumped, can disengage super well, heal up then reengage onto the enemy team. Why? cuz dying early leaves your team in a huge disadvantage in numbers on the map and can cause the enemy team to snowball super hard right at the beginning of the game, so that you don't want someone to just tank up the damage and leave the fight nor someone to tank the damage and die to it. That balance between tanking and reengaging is probably the best because it leaves the opposing team out of position to fight, and sometimes even spreads their numbers if some of them chases while the "bait" disengages. Also, that initiator person shouldn't push onto the enemy team, as it will force his own team to chase after him, leaving them out of position (unless for some reason said person has enough damage to 1-shot someone on the opposing team and heavily outnumbers the enemy on that fight, i guess?). Pvp in this game isn't as theorized as in other games, sadly, so the meta is super known to pretty much the whole player base.
  10. Alright, I'm necroing the flipping hell out of this thread because i can (I mean, its mine). First of all, thank you people for the reply! I actually didn't delete them in the end and let those 5 stacks clog my inventory for quite some time, and it actually payed out! Some of my friends came back to the game couple months ago and we actually managed to get our own Guild Hall and i literally just dumped all my FFC's there (one by one... yep it took a while because for some reason you can't buy more than a single cloud at a time there...). Long story short, got our guild some upgrades, I leveled that scribe thing that's super expensive and we have our own Super King Frong Decoration, which looks dope af imo :P, and still have several hundreds clouds for the future xD I still wish they could be sold back for baubles tho :/
  11. Tbh, i don't know the prices atm and whether or not its working as intended, but i literally crafted only backpieces from 400-500 and it was super fast and cheap. I really just popped guild crafting boost and the booster one and that was pretty much it, ez 500. You guys can probably get quite a bit of xp doing that as well if it still works. I also have reasons to believe that you still gain xp even if you unlock lvl 400 food being almost 500, tho im not sure on that one and the amount.
  12. I don't know if this has been brought up before (couldn't find any post) and if so how many times, so here i go. Why can't we trade Fancy Furniture Coins (obtained solely from SAB) into Baubles? They can only be bought for 25 ea, but not sold back, why is this the case? I mean, it could at least be sellable for a bit less (like 15 or 20) if for some reason 25 (a 1:1 ratio) is too much :/ I'm (for some reason i'm yet to understand) currently sitting at freaking 1.2k+ of them (probably bought several years back) and I personally don't really have any use for them (not gonna donate to guilds either -.-) and will probably just delete them if they keep on clogging my bank/inv space.
  13. My most wanted QoL : let us unlock minis in the wardrobe without consuming them and destroying the item. That way we can both unlock the skin AND mystic forge them. I have lost count how many times i gave up on a mini i like that is hard to get just to either upgrade it or mf it (pvp llamas, new fog raven etc).
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