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The Torment of Maw Meta

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Today is 7th of June 2018. Path of Fire was released on 22nd of September 2017 so it's been about 8 moths now. 8 MONTHS. Let it sink.

I and few other ppl have been posting this on Bug subforum for months now. Countless of ingame reports. NOTHING.Demolitionist Folke either get's stuck in the air or goes full Dredge underground mode shouting orders in and endless loop until the event fails again, again and again. Other demolitionists get the same bug less frequently, Thank God.

I get this. It's doable, it's not like it always bugs. However for a game big like GW2 this is CRAZY. Personally I enjoy these smaller Metas more then those in HoT. However after so many months it drives me insane!

Want people to play this wonderfully crafted maps? Fix these events!Stop tormenting me!

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Old content so lower on the priority list. Probably won’t be fixed until someone has some free time to get to it. Doesn’t hurt to be more vocal about it though as that may increase its priority among other things put on the backlog.

Makes me wonder if we had been more vocal about this a year ago if it would have been fixed then and also makes me worried for those that are still encountering issues with collection items not showing up with the heart vendors on the new map.

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Old content that is one of few sources of Intact Mosaic's which they just recently made a part of new armor collection.

The event is a complete mess, it feels like an unfinished content. NPC's bug in textures, their "fail" dialog triggers even if all portals are closed. On top of that, the main fight is not even in the center of the Maw.

Anyway, they could at least fix what's been reported for a year now.

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