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  1. Hey im interested in joining on my other account :). If theres spot add Cyndercat.5120
  2. Sorry but none of these complains make sense to me. This is one of the easiest mmos in existence to gear in and its also easier than ever to get gear. Ascended has multiple sources and exotics are 20 silver on TP. Like you said you get a full celestial exotic set for reaching level 80 which is good enough to play through all open world content. You will never need a perfectly optimized build with exactly the correct stats for open world. If you lose 5 stacks of might due to lacking 1 celestial piece its not going to make any difference. Skyscale has also been make much easier to get and can be done in a week even for a totally new account. If people find the open world a crushing slog then maybe its not for them since open world content is 90% of the game. I cannot understand how anyone could find core tyria too challenging. There are childrens games more difficult than that.
  3. Again I ask for the Canthan Menagerie Mount Select to return. I dont think its been in gemstore for almost 15 months now and I would like the skyscale skin.
  4. Can the Canthan Menagerie mount licences come back? Id really like the skyscale skin from it.
  5. I'm not OP but there are tons of big features they could have added if they were willing to invest. Some examples; - New Race - Underwater combat overhaul - Actual innovative content surrounding boats, like naval battles - Player housing - New weapon types, or a new kit style system for new weapons -Possibly new movement styles, like wall climbing EOD is lacking meaningful features that will give the game longevity, and reinvigorate old content.
  6. I dont want wings separated. Its annoying to scroll through multiple tabs and the LFG lags out when you do this a lot, refusing to load the tab. A better solution is to have the LFG search bar save the last search so people who do not want to see sellers can just type -sell or -[ once and never see raid sellers again. LFG needs an overhaul anyway. Its very outdated, laggy and doesn't function well with the megaservers.
  7. I change my mind .I do want to see 50 man deimos with black pools and slam. I am sure OP will learn alot attempting that.
  8. I really dislike selfish people who don't enjoy a type of content so want to change and ruin it for those who do. If you want legendary armor so bad then ask anet to give you one for picking herbs and chopping trees like they did the amulet. Leave raids alone.
  9. You just want to put in 0 effort. Have others do the work and get the rewards. You are not doing the raid if 50 other people are carrying you through it.
  10. I dunno how anyone on earth could look at this and think its good.
  11. Its ugly and looks like a lego brick. Given how much recycling of assets they have done with this expansion, you would think they would use the perfectly fine textures for jade sea we already have in game, but no we get ...this. Everything new I see about this expansion makes it look worse.
  12. Still broken. This isnt some minor escort event, its the main meta of an expansion map. Fix it already. There was no reason at all to change it in the first place.
  13. Yes when you pull all development to work on living world, and as a result content releases drop to once a year, if that, then you are not supporting the content enough to make it sustainable. Happened with PVP, happened with WvW and happened with raids.
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