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How can i leave a Fractal party without being booted back to LA?


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LA's always had long load times for me, but usually a manageable ~30 seconds. Since a few months ago, though, i've been sitting through 3-5 minute load screens.If i leave a party in the Mists, i'm booted back to LA for a horrendously long load screen. However, just the other day, i went to the INFUZ bot in the Mists and was given a kick vote. I clicked to leave party instead, yet i didn't get booted back to LA. I remained in the Mists! Do i just have to receive a kick vote for this to work?

Similarly, is there a way to "join in the Mists" when you're in a separate version of the Mists to your party? I've seen people do this before, where their party picture is blacked out as they're in a different version of the Mists to the rest of the party, then poof, they're in the right area.


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