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The Ultimate Downstate fix (with the exception of no downstate)


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Ok here we go. (Please keep in mind I would highly prefer having Downstate completely removed from WvW)

  1. Rezzing a downed player no longer increases their HP (aka you don't heal their downed hp to 100% to rez them). Instead you will have to go through a 10 second interruptible channel.
  2. Multiple players rezzing the same downed player will not decrease the channel time
  3. The channel will slow the passive degeneration of downed hp by 90%. (Note this is not a damage reduction to the downed player's hp, only affects the passive degen)
  4. Downed HP can still be lowered to 0% by enemy damage, thus stopping the rez and killing the player fully.
  5. Downed HP is static across all classes.
  6. Rez traits can still function as normal lowering the time to rez by up to 2 seconds (1 for your class rez trait, 1 additional from mercy runes).
  7. Rally Mechanic is complete Removed.
  8. (Edit) and no Downstate Skills outside of the 4 skill.

Skills that res a % of a players downed HP (Merciful intervention) would no long provide any benefit to downed players. To make up for this, they could change them to have slightly changed functionality. ex. Merciful intervention would teleport you even without a ally in the aoe circle, but you would only receive the healing if there was an ally present (Or have the meditation trait).

This will allow players to still rez downed allies, but allows ample time for pressure on downed players to secure kills.This will allow smaller groups to still pick apart larger groups by bursting or pressuring downed players without them being instantly rez from 5 players or fewer players using things such as (Mercy runes+Guardian rez trait+merciful Intervention)This will also make previously mostly useless skills quite useful for Rezzing allies in WvW, Such as Signet of Courage to gain a massive reduction to the Rez time (Up to 2.5s rez if used immediately after a player downs, Or instantly if timed properly)

Like and Subscribe and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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