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Koutalophile---Fractal Spoon

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Well I have been trying and trying to get this Fractal Spoon to finish off this achievement. I was wonder is there a good or specific Fractal I need to be working on? I have been trying for months just to get this one Spoon. Developers....maybe put in an option for purchase somehow someway, within reason. Thanks a bunch.

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@Linken.6345 said:a fractal were you kill alot of mobs like the Urban Battleground would be my bet or if you can solo or get party to kill all mobs in Solid Ocean

Agreed. Any fractal that involves a lot of kills.

With the right build, you can solo the following (or duo):

  • Volcanic, just the starting event.
  • Aquatic (15 krait, in three groups of five)
  • Solid Ocean, first few groups.
  • Nightmare, first group
  • Aetherblade, first group
  • Mai Trin, first group
  • Molten Bosses
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