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Quick Question regarding Mystic Forge Stones

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What are they even good for again?From what I remember you could substitute one as a random high level rare item.But then it puts you in the roll table for every weapon, so your chances of getting a specific item becomes that much more elusive.

Besides forge gambling.What are they used for?

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@Solori.6025 said:

@"Danikat.8537" said:Making
- a 250 use Master Salvage Kit. If you get the Mystic Forge Stones free it's the cheapest per use high quality salvage kit in the game.

Ahh I see thank you both.So just mystic salvaging kits until you buy the infinite salvaging kit

That's pretty much my plan. Except I can't see myself ever running out of Mystic Forge Stones, and it takes me a while to get through 250 uses, so I'm probably never going to buy an infinite kit.

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