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Professions and Armor Types


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I was wondering why are some Armor Types specific to certain Professions? In GW2 Specific roles linked to a certain profession like damage dealer and Tank are not really a thing. Wearing Heavy Armor doesn't make you a tank nor does wearing light armor necessarily mean you are a damage dealer. Instead your stats are the deciding factor. Why then can't a scholar class wear heavy armor if it decides to take a tank role or simply tankier stats? Why does the scholar that decides to be tougher wear a robe instead of a plated armor? It seems counter-intuitive that the Person wearing a robe (as for example in full Soldier or Menestrel stats) is more resistant than a Person wearing a heavy fully plated armor (in Berserker stats).

Which brings me to: It would be kinda neat if you could use the skins of other armor types to fit your playing style. (Note: only the skins/appearance as it seems understandable to me that the slight differences in armor might be crucial to balancing the professions). Personally I quite like the idea of having an heavy armored battle necromancer or a revenant in leather armor. Then again i might just have poor taste :D . What do you guys think?

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