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Musical Instruments and Ping / Input Delay - Make instruments sounds client sided please!


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I recently bought a Flute and while trying to play some songs I find its practically impossible to do because the delay is so noticeable that its easily to get screwed because you're not earing what you're playing after a fragment of time.

For people not familiar with what is Input Delay on instruments, its the lag between the moment you press a key and the moment the instrument makes the sound on the game. This is a very very common issue in online gaming, you have a latency client to server and this latency is measured by Ping, basically the more ping you have, the more input delay will be present.

That said, when you try to play a song with a musical instrument, you'll be actually earing the song in about 0.3 secs after you pressed the keys, making it hard, if not impossible, to play something while earing. The only way I can play a song is by muting the game, then pressing the keys in order so I cant get confused by the sound delay.

And what would be the solution for this? make Musical Instruments client sided, I just noticed that the movement of your character is client sided too, so for example if you get a high ping spike, or you're about to get disconnected, you can still move your character EVEN if this isn't reflected on the server. Why not make the same with instruments? so you dont need to depend on having low ping to play them properly.

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That only would happen if the player is having lag spikes or disconnects, which are not much of a problem as that can be "fixed" (and that would still happen even if instruments weren't client side) unlike having naturally (or noticeable) high ping where there is apparently nothing we can do.

Inputs the player do with a rhythm shouldn't be a problem, as the inputs are sent with said timing to the server's side, and reproduced accordly.

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