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Contacting PvP dev team about lost item/currency in server crashes

Eloc Freidon.5692

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"GW2 Support" said:Currently, Guild Wars 2 Support is unable to properly assist with PvP or WvW requests related to pips, rating, tournament rewards and leaderboard placement. The best place to get in contact with the PvP development team is through the forums here:


The GM told me to post here so that's what I'm doing.

This has been going on since Long Live the Lich went live.

I was in the process of making multiple purchases of the Legendary War Insight to make my second and third piece of a legendary armor set before enjoying the content, when all game modes were experiencing multiple crashes. Logging back on I still had one, but had lost the second one which still consumed a whole 1095 WvW Claim tickets. I put in the support ticket about either the item disappearing with a potential account rewind or the use of the tickets but no item gained. I used the one I still had to make my second legendary armor piece.

The support backlog meant a delay of at least a month before I got support to respond. Then the back and forth over the course of a second month trying to resolve the issue, with support constantly letting tickets expire (a GM viewing but not replying doesn't notify me until it closes) and closing customer service surveys before I can fill them out. In the end, after many very unhappy conversations with multiple GMs, I get a response that tells me what I can do to actually proceed. The tech available to them does not account for much, especially for lost currency during a server crash. So I was told to just post here to try to get in contact with the PvP devs.

I wait once more to get my lost 1095 WvW claim tickets back.

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The support team doesn't have any tools to restore currency, except gold. (There are good reasons for that, but that's moot for your concern.) What they can do is replace items.

So start a new ticket and ask for the item (or items) that could reduce the loss for you. Keep it simple: stick to the issue that's important (finding item(s) that make up for the loss) and leave the frustrations about the situation until after you get that taken care of. After you get your first human response, ask for the the ticket to be escalated and reference the earlier tickets to confirm that other people have looked at this before.

For example, although they can't give you 700 WvW skirmish tickets, they might be able to generate for you the General's Gift of War. It might not be possible to find a compromise that works out to 1095 tickets, but maybe you can get closer than 0/1095.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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I have already tried working with them about the approach to getting the item and not the tickets. They said there was no history of one of the items but my tickets were lost. This was when I asked for the tickets to be refunded. They stated they do not have the tools to grants players currency and told me I should talk to a dev. They did not attempt to help me contact a dev directly.

The frustrations happened when they refused to work with me at any angle.

There was many incidents of different GMs looking at my tickets to update activity without replying, making them close automatically and then disabling the ability to rate the service.

There are lots of follow up tickets with other GMs confirming that they cannot help me and that I must try and get the attention of a dev through the forums since they are unable put me in contact with them either.

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