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After a lousy day of being in immense physical pain (full back spasms), at work listening to innane people with innane problems, I just want to say the following:

After WoW died for me, I'm grateful as kitten I found GW2. I've played through all the personal stories thus far and am truly looking forward to tonight's release as I settle down to my desk with a plate of Taco Bell. Why am I looking forward to this episode? Because of Anet's story telling.

Sure, taken a "chapter" at a time, it feels as if it can be subpar. But when viewed in its totality-cover to cover-it truly comes across as an interactive novel. From our first steps in our respective zones to the climatic battle with Zhaitan (which in the broader narrative context, perfectly sets the tone for the Elder Dragons and what they are), to the various character interctions through POF along with LW 2 to current, I'm glad I get to go home after a kitting lousy day and find something new and exciting waiting for me (I hope. I've heard about those kitten crashes!).

Thanks, Anet. Seriously.

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@"Witch of Doom.5739" said:If you like the lore and story telling, I think you'll like this new release! Have a great time tonight with the game. (p.s. Taco Bell for you, pizza for me.)

As long as it's not "chicago style" or has pineapple, you're good! #ForumsPvP

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