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  1. Are there any actual reviews? All I'm seeing are rather generic previews, which don't tell me anything new. Has anyone actually gotten the expac to review? That said, I'm looking forward to EoD and happily preordered it.
  2. I don't like WvW either but have gotten 6 or 7 Gifts of Battle over the years by mostly doing one or two easy WvW dailies most days. The points add up slowly, but that's OK because I'm also slowly farming all the other stuff I need for Legendaries.
  3. I think it looks very intriguing, and mostly what I want from EoD visuals is to be different from what we have in the base game, HoT, and PoF, so yeah, I hope it really looks like this!
  4. Although we don't know at this point what will be required for the EoD legendary weapon, I'm glad we get the one free precursor. Personally I'm banking Mystic Clovers, Mystic Coins, gold, a Gift of Battle, T6 mats, and then adding time-gated materials as I can such as lumps of mithrillium, etc. Oh, and I'm making charged quartz crystals. Don't know why, maybe the idea of glittery charged quartz looking Aurene-like, but I expect that to be an ingredient somewhere. Total speculation!
  5. Not every game is for every person. That said, I solo 95% of the time in GW2 and love it. I never have "nothing to do." Have you tried crafting? I find it fun but some don't. I love exploring on my own, don't like strikes or PvP so I don't do that content. If you do want to try group content, it's easy to find a beginner-friendly guild. I agree that some guilds and some players are horribly rude and discouraging. Get away from that toxicity.
  6. We don't need emotes at all. I'm trying to get out of the childish knee-jerk reaction habit of using them myself. Just a bunch of useless pixels.
  7. Mine shall be Sheldon. I'm sure there will be skins for it and various dye schemes, not just the green. Do wish they'd turn down the fluorescent green in general, though.
  8. Thanks. My eyes aren't that great... like you couldn't tell. 😉
  9. Yes, I wondered if perhaps I was just seeing it wrong. Maybe they're just weird fletchings, as you said. Thanks. Sure love the cape!
  10. The new cape is really gorgeous. But what's with the quiver? It appears that the arrows are in there with the points UP, which makes no sense. Yes, I know it's a game, but why aren't the fletched ends up? No one would store their arrows so that they'd have to pull them out of the quiver by the points. That would be like holding a sword by the sharp tip. Am I overthinking this or seeing it wrong?
  11. Easy question with a simple answer: Because sexism is rampant, in real life and in games.
  12. I started the download, went and ran errands. By magic, when I came home it was all done. Plus now I have pizza.
  13. So, this is legit? Not some bug within a bug? I know I sound paranoid, but... I'm paranoid.
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