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  1. Do you have the Ley-Energy Matter Converter? I check that every single day and if the Medium or Large bag of obsidian is an option, I buy it (you need HoT currencies). Thanks to that converter, I am drowning in obsidian, but I'm saving it up to see if the new expac will use it in a way that interests me.
  2. Ah, Dulfy. Loved Dulfy. I also rely on the YT'er AynMaiden; she's awesome.
  3. You were certainly right about this! Apparently our "skills have declined" and we are terrible players.
  4. Yes, that's what I needed. I've been stubborn as heck all along, wanted to do every story instance solo. Finally had to admit I couldn't do it with this one. It's done now, and I hope I NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! Rant over.
  5. OK, I've been happily playing all the "Return to..." LW Bonus events these past couple of weeks. But of all the story instances to repeat, Hidden Arcana is my downfall. I've NEVER been able to complete it, so please help this clumsy-but-veteran player beat it. Tips, hints, anything. Please don't say "well you just do this" and "you just do that." I know HOW it works but I can't get through it. Best class? Pets/minions or not? I've been able to finish all other LW stories but not this one. Thank you very much in advance.!
  6. Just think of butt capes as really wide, thin tails. Problem solved, since there are a bazillion butt capes to choose from. But seriously, tails on non-Charr... just no.
  7. Oh, thank you SO MUCH for that validation! I'm SO GLAD that you, as a representative of The Fashion Police, have given me and others PERMISSION of what we can and can't do in the game. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. Also, the "I am so much better and smarter than everyone else" thread. See also mention of Kant, etc. ETA: My bald Asura Engineer dressed as a dapper Victorian gentleman, not beautiful??? LIES!!!
  9. Zero. I have two or more of all the races, and occasionally buy a character slot mostly to play with a new theme I have in mind or to use a pun-tastic name that I just have to have. Seems like some on this board are obsessed with race change in GW2, and I don't mean that sarcastically or negatively. But let it go; get a new character slot, especially when it's on sale!
  10. I don't see how ANet is supposed to tell the difference between a truly accidental buy and "buyer's remorse," where you just don't like item X as much as you thought you would, or you found something else you'd rather buy. Caveat emptor.
  11. I am not quite sure what you meant. Did you mean you bought "The Predator I: The Experimental Rifle" from Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs? That just unlocks the first of a long journey towards making The Predator. Check out a beginner's guide to crafting Legendaries to understand it all, and if you want to get a good idea of what you need and how much gold you're talking about, get a free account at GW2Efficiency, and look under Crafting. Looks like the precursor to The Predator, which is called The Hunter, is cheaper to buy than to craft, but then it's cheaper to craft the rest of the Legenda
  12. All this. Hopefully they will be the best of both worlds/expacs. I loathe Tangled Depths with a passion and like to see where I'm going.
  13. Well, I posted that I have no Legendary ARMOR. Weapons, yes. The Legendary Armor has zero appeal for me.
  14. Whatever the reasons and however grindy, I was happy to be playing Dry Top yesterday with big groups on the map, killing champions and so forth. I expected and dreaded something much harder for achievements and don't mind easy. If it's too easy for hard-core players -- which I certainly understand -- there are plenty of other things to do in-game.
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