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Bought Path of Fire + boost


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So my friend and I just bought the expansion and got the 80 boost and picking up the game again. We used to play but never got very far.

Now we're feeling a bit lost in terms of what to do. Any tips? I believe we finished a couple quests of path of fire...but last time i recall we were trying to unlock our elite specializations.

I'm trying to unlock Druid.


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As with all people who have limited experience and are either new or returning, following advice:Don't use the boost!

Your first character should be played from the ground up to get accustomed to the game. It does not take long even without the boost but it will allow for a more natural progression into a classes abilities and skills as well as game mechanics.

"But I do not enjoy leveling in GW2."Then you won't enjoy the game at end game too, trust me.

"But I want to get strait into end game asap."Leveling to 80 takes around 12-48 hours of play time depending on how much you rush (without any significant skips like crafting). It's hardly the biggest speedbump you'll have on the way to 80 end game.

"But I already leveled 2 characters to 80 and don't want to do it again."That's fine, expect to have to spend 2-3 hours to get accustomed to a new class though.

"So what should I do once level 80?"Play the story, get accustomed to you classes traits, skills, weapons, unlock elite specializations, start on mastery tracks from core, HoT and PoF, get PoF mounts, etc.

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There's a lot of options once you reach lvl 80. I'd suggest that following the story and acquiring mounts as it takes you to each new area will give you some focus and lead you through the PoF maps in a logical way. By the time you complete that, you'll be in a better position to decide where to go from there. If you just want to get your elite spec, gather HPs (10 per location in PoF). You can solo or join an HP train, which again will open up a lot of the maps for you and give you a better starting-point to decide what to do afterward.

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