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Deadeye is bugged to where I can't complete it.

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My friend got disconnected at the very end of his deadeye quest causing both of us to lose credit since we were doing it together.

@Marshall Sed.8643 said:I've been disconnecting every time we get a bit of dialogue on ALL of the instances.

I also got a DC part way through talking with the Priory person in the open world. It put me back to the start of the Vabbi map once reconnected!My friend disconnected frequently during the quest in Jahai Bluffs and every time he disconnected he went to the start of the map too. I thought the deadeye disconnect was a coincidence but these posts helped me understand it wasn't random.

He repaired his game client but he's still disconnecting everywhere. However, we both got credit for the deadeye quest by doing it in my instance since I'm not disconnecting.

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If your game sometimes DCs during cutscenes, there is a partial workaround:

During any extended dialogue (or during cutscenes) spam your autoattack (default [1]) skill. This will remind the game that, yes yes yes, you still are playing and please please please don't turn you away to save on hamster kibble. That should work in most situations, although keep in mind that there are other reasons for DCing that it won't impact.

You should work with ANet (via a support ticket) to track down the reason for the DCs and try to address the root cause. This is just an "in the meantime" way of dealing with it.

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