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Not able to buy Path of Fire [resolved]

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Hey i am hussien sallam from Egypt .i am guild wars 2 player and i have problem for buy path of fire from my account after confirm order i press buy now button to COMPLETE ORDERI HAVE ( Payment Authorisation Failed )

and i use this visa to buys another 3 path of fire packagesand it work smoothly but in my account not working whyso help me please / thanks

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I hear you.

I have had this exact same problem with 6! purchases, while other purchases went through the payment process no problem. It seems that whenever I had two succesfull purchases, any further purchases went wrong, no matter if I payed with a (fully functional and verified) Paypal account or my Credit Card. I am getting kinda sick of making new email accounts so I made a ticket for each of those failed purchases (each has their own email). I am sure I will hear from them after the promo is over.

For clarification, once you get a "failed payment" message, that account will consider the Promo code not valid anymore so you do not get a second try.

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