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  1. Hey, you are ruining my Celestial money-making scheme! Good thing 90% of players do not read the forums. πŸ™‚
  2. Everquest forever! Started my MMO career the day that Everquest released('99), having decided to pass on Ultima Online because of the reviews I had read about its toxic PvP environment. I only truly abandoned Everquest about 6 years ago. I pretty much tried about every MMO that released since EQ but never played anything more then a few days/weeks/months.
  3. I think the Home Portal Stone promo is overdue, last time it was offered was January 1st 2021, which is now 16 months ago. Before that the interval was 9 months, 3 months, 9 months, 12 months, 11 months. I would like to see it return with a 40% discount (as it was the last 5 times). πŸ™‚
  4. Well said, couldn't agree more. I am pretty happy the way Anet does this. I agree with a previous poster that I would like to see adventures and griffon rides added to old maps, but I am of the "I like to revisit old Maps"kind. πŸ™‚
  5. In my day we had to do it WITHOUT the "Return to" achievement which now literally throws all the needed zone currency right in your hands. Kids these days.
  6. Agreed. I have 6 Legendary weapons and 3 Legendary trinkets and they have been my most important reason to play for the last few years. Even though I buy most of the mats that are needed, it is the collections and zone currencies that make me revisit all kinds of zones, even some fractals and WvW. Definitely a motivator for me. This is also why I liked getting the Skyscale.
  7. The house should be instanced, and accessible through a door in some of the existing real estate across the world. Lots and lots of different choices, all over the world. Different houses should have different prices. Like using a door in Wizards Fief would get you a small house/apartment, but using the door in one of the bigger houses in Lions Arch would get you a villa. This would mean people could choose their spot in the world to be the access point to their house. House should be fully customizable: furniture but also finishings. Preferably the floorplan too but that is probably as
  8. Here I was thinking Anet would resolve all the issues that casuals had with Strike Missions by offering tiered options or something. Instead they add even more hardcore missions, that roadblocks (advertized) "premium" features of the Expansion to boot. Way to go Anet! It is obvious that they are still going for the "we WILL learn casuals how to do strikes, we WILL make them like them and we WILL make them ready for Raids somehow. Not going to happen. It's like trying to get people to do PvP if they are not into that. You will get the occasional player who discovers that they
  9. I will wait with playing this expansion until I am burned out on Lost Ark. By then the kinks in EoD will have been ironed out, hard content will have been nerfed and I can breeze my way through it, the way I like it. Also, I was never much of a Fashionmonger, but I am definitely becoming more appreciative of the fantastic cosmetic options that GW2 has for skins, Outfits and dyeing, after the scarcity of options in LA. So as much fun as I am having in that game, it will wet my appetite for some serious GW2 later on.
  10. I was kinda bummed to see how few players I saw in Eye of the North, where you start your EoD story. I remember more bustle in that zone after every Icebrood Episode release. I do not think there is any hype about this release, not that people were saying that there was. Queues for GW2, that's a funny joke indeed. πŸ™‚
  11. I very much agree with you. When Ultima Online first came out and shortly after, Everquest in '99, I was thrilled by the aspect of lots of real people playing in the same Fantasyworld as you. I never once thought of "groups" or "grouping" or Raids, or even Guilds then. That only became a thing once the whole "race to the top(level)" had established itself into MMO's, which was pretty soon after the first releases, I'll admit. In a group in Everquest you would be way "ahead of the the curve" if you grouped up. Ever since then I felt I had to "defend" the fact that I could enjoy
  12. The "good drops" part is the biggest problem of your request, I am afraid. GW2 has no good drops, unless you consider ultra rare cosmetics a good drop. All the rest is just gold(value).
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