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  1. This looks promising. Did they mention somewhere if there is a limit to the amount of props/items you can place in the instance (other then the limit to 30 mounts) ? Wit the amount of freedom, I can see people building their own jumping puzzles on their land(or any crazy, out of proportion construction). Would have to not use your mounts off course. Maybe you can disable mounts in the instance. I think we can hope for other Housing Themes in the future, maybe even other types of land plots, if Housing is a success. And with that I mean people spending lots of gems in the store for it. Or maybe even bring back overall business to the game though I am not sure about that. I can see some people coming back to GW2 for at least a while for this, that would be nice.
  2. Great idea. If they do this I might actually start to bother with Fishing.
  3. After Mounts, Anet has been kinda half kittening it when it comes to new features and game systems. Fishing is the worst offender here, I had high hopes that Anet could bring such a feature to new heights, as they did with Mounts but alas. Even Fishing in Everquest I like better then this. And then we got all the "hide outs" and hubs, like Eye of the North, Suns Refuge and Arborstone which are completely redundant, AND have associated Masteries with it that are the worst kind of filler I have seen in any MMO. I used to feel that once Anet decided to bring any MMO staple to their game (world building and landscaping, Combat, Mounts, Verticality and moving around) they would do it better then most MMO's I have played. But I do not have that feeling anymore. I think it is simply a money thing, they want to bring new features to keep the players happy, but can not sink too much money in it. So we get Housing (thanks anyway, I wanted this) but most likely not what I had envisioned. What I had hoped for: Lots of options in choosing the type of plot: (jungle, fields, forest, rocky, desert, you name it; Lots of options in building the house: lots of different (themed) modules would be fine, I would not expect us to completely draw up a wall from scratch; Lots of options of choosing the "door" to our instance house, like anywhere in the world; from a door in Divinities Reach to Wizards Fief, to an obscure cave in the Crystal Desert, you name it. The world that Anet built is huge and varied and beautiful, it would be a pity if every player had the same entrance somewhere. A huge amount of decorating options, and most important of all: a thorough integration of the aquisition of these decorations all through the game. Keywords here are; Looting, crafting, Recipes, no-drop and tradable, Gem store, common, rare and ultrarare items, achievements, rewards for Fishing, events, Races, Boss loot. This would play right into at least my favorite play-style: having stuff to do in the Open World. What I am afraid of: One type of house, some decorations, some crafting involved but not very integrated, too few decorating spots, one entrance and then in the future we will get some more options in the type of house, some more decorations (mostly Gem store), if they have development time left. But we will see.
  4. Jormag still bugged, Dragon's Stand today was bugged too, seemed to work 2 days ago. We are going backwards with this bug!
  5. I do not like PvP, WvW, Raids or Strike Missions. No thanks to being a lemming and/or getting yelled at when I am standing in the wrong circle. Yet they are in the game nonetheless. To each their own, and I think there would be a good chunk of players that would enjoy housing, and willing to sink many hours, mats and also Gems into it. If GW2 will keep alive (and I think it will) then I am sure we will see housing some day. But I admit that it is an elaborate feature that would take a serious investment to do right. So some day, fingers crossed. The Henchmen are probably a pipe dream, and would require a huge investment from Anets part with little return for them. So I am guessing no on that one. Was a typical GW1 thing that is much less needed in GW2, with their huge and pretty easy open world content. Still, they could have done a much better job with the NPC's that are supposed to help you out at Dragon response missions. They touted that as a feature where "faction NPC's would stand by your side", but they suck so hard it's not funny anymore. I lose them in the first minute and can not be bothered to rez them afterwards.
  6. Not buying. I left when EoD was released because I was disappointed that no new game systems were introduced, like player housing or Henchmen. New expansion is just more of the same, and some reworking of existing features, again no new game systems so I guess I will have to wait a little longer. Still not sure why they will not introduce player housing, seems like the ultimate fit for the way Anet monetizes a MMO. As for Henchmen, seeing how they keep pushing Strike Missions, I guess we will never see such a solo-oriented feature.
  7. Griffon and Skyscale Quest are the best, Already completed them on 7 accounts. I love playing in the open world and these quests give you a great reason to revisit zones, do some jumping puzzles, team up for some Bosses, gather stuff. I hope they will never change them. There is a lot of stuff I can not do either in this game and that's fine. At least the OP did not ask to nerf the quest or something. 🙂
  8. She will probably magically fuse with the last Dragon when she dies and thus live on forever, in a way. I would be surprised if they would not cushion the blow of her death in some way. Or give it some sort of extra meaning. They couldn't let Aurene die, they are not going to just let Taimi go with a puff of smoke. I do not see them do a repeat of the Eir Stegalkin funeral wake, even though that was pretty cool (and brave from Anet).
  9. For me EoD initiated another long period of not playing GW2. My third since the game got released. I was so underwhelmed by the features they pre-showed us, that my hype level was down to zero. Then Lost Ark released at the same time, and I was pleasantly surprised by that game (not better then GW2, just very different) so I have been playing that fanatically up until 3 weeks ago. And now, after reading peoples opinions and threads about EoD my expectations have gone below zero, and I actually dread starting up the game again, having to slog through uninteresting Mastery lines, unlock zones that seem to be devoid of NPC hustle and bustle and Adventures, and having to do that terribly uninspired Fishing mini-game. What I have seen of the first zone certainly did not wow me either when it comes to Beauty. I might try to start again with the LW1 story but I prefer to do that once all the episodes are there. So I guess I am on a MMO hiatus for now, which is ok. 🙂 Oh, and I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next Xpac features (a year or so from now is my guess) of which I am convinced, HOUSING, will be a part of!!! When that happens, my love for GW2 will be rekindled, and I will be willing to slog through the MMO-pablum that is EoD.
  10. Ok, make that "I think people are being too harsh on the OP's opinion". 🙂
  11. I think people are being too harsh on the OP. The arguments that Anet gives are somewhat valid in themselves but I do not think they are being quit honest about the most important reasons behind the TP: the very consistent money sink and 10x less Customer Service requests from players that feel they have been treated unfairly during the trade. Like "I thought I had a good deal but then I found out I did not because apparently this item sells for 10 copper average instead of 5 gold". Even so I think that player to player trade could help a bit with the social aspect of the game, which is somewhat lacking anyway (as with most MMO's). Bartering, talking to a person, actually knowing the name from whom you bought something. I liked the dedicated trade channel in Everquest. The TP in GW2 is a cold-hearted trade-partner.
  12. Hey, you are ruining my Celestial money-making scheme! Good thing 90% of players do not read the forums. 🙂
  13. Everquest forever! Started my MMO career the day that Everquest released('99), having decided to pass on Ultima Online because of the reviews I had read about its toxic PvP environment. I only truly abandoned Everquest about 6 years ago. I pretty much tried about every MMO that released since EQ but never played anything more then a few days/weeks/months.
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