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Re-purposing aquatic gear.


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As of late i've been wondering about the underwater combat. I know it is loved by nearly none and didn't pan out as well as planned. However i'm starting to think of a plan that might get this underwater gear a new shot. Take the engineer for example, what if i told you that you could not only unlock the use of a new weapon by elite spec, but also by grandmaster trait. Using a specific grandmaster trait to grant you access to the harpoon gun, on land (with new skills ofcourse). We'd give the engineer more versatility in weapon choice and that old murky water gear gets another shot. This also gives a chance to improve on the concept of the rifle, as i feel like the rifle doesnt know what it wants to be, does it want to be up close AOE or does it want me to stay away? Enter the harpoon gun, with the engineer only one mad enough to bring it on land!

I'm pretty sure this concept could translate to other classes as well, with the spellbreaker picking up a grandmaster trait to get himself a spear instead of 2 spearheads.

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@gorgoroth.8360 said:

@"derd.6413" said:there's no need for this so let's not waste time on this

Could you please explain to me why?

because why would you.

UW combat is divisive, not unanimously hated.

but even if it was, then you'd run into the issue that harpoon gun is just UW rifle (some of their skins are exactly the same) trident and spear would either be identical on land (aka polearms) or trident would just be staff again. either way 2/3 of the "new" weapons are redundant from the word go.

and even ignoring my previous points on top of that why make it a GM trait and not make them either core weapons or tie them to new especs instead of this new system that's only gonna make balancing even more of an unmanageable hell job.

(i could go on but i've got a train to catch)(allow me continue)

on top of that the core "issue" isn't being addressed (which is UW combat isn't very good) while anet is addressing this issue

so in conclusion: you're idea is a flawed, over-complicated solution to a side effect of the actual issue that isn't that bad to begin with and is already being addressed by anet

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I'm going to side with @derd.6413 on this. For starters, your idea has nothing to actually do with underwater. I actually liked underwater combat and underwater parts of the game but I guess others did not. Having a grandmaster trait give you new weapons is just a waste of time. The weapon would lack any kind of support to actually improve performance with it. Plus, I have some serious doubts that making use of the underwater weapons is something people actually want. I suspect that if people were going to use a trait to gain an extra weapon it would need to be one of the standard weapons and not just a second rifle. Engineer players want something like mace, not a second rifle. This is pretty much true for other professions.

Also, I do not get why people keep insisting that Rifle doesn't know what it wants to be. Three of the weapon's abilities have a range of 1,200. It has one ability that requires you to be at minimum 700 to be used but really benefits you if you are closer. Finally, it has one movement ability. Why people keep acting like they don't know if the weapon is supposed to be an up close weapon or long-range weapon is beyond me since the weapon is clearly a long-range weapon that gives you a nice close-range shot when the need arises. It's on par with both Warrior and Deadeye Rifle. Warrior Rifle has 4 abilities at 1,200 and one close range ability. Deadeye has three long-range ability, one movement ability, and then one ability that modifies the weapons range. It has as many damaging abilities as the Warrior Rifle, though Warrior does get to adjust the range due to mechanics of the profession and one of its Elites. Just like Warrior, Engineer has a movement ability, only Engineer has a better one as Warrior just rolls you back while Engineer lets you move into or out of combat and in any direction you wish. Engineer Rifle has just as many long-range attacks as Deadeye Rifle and has more damaging attacks than Deadeye, it just lacks the same extreme range potential. It has just as many damaging attack moves as Warrior and as many movement-based moves too as well as both having a close-range attack (though it's worth noting that Engineer can use theirs further away than Warrior). Yet somehow folks keep saying it's unknown whether the weapon should be used at close range or long range. I think if the attack animation for the weapon wasn't more like a shotgun as opposed to the standard rifle folks wouldn't be as nearly confused on the matter as they currently seem to be.

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@Dace.8173 said:I'm going to side with @derd.6413 on this. For starters, your idea has nothing to actually do with underwater. I actually liked underwater combat and underwater parts of the game but I guess others did not.

Honestly, having mained engineer the entire game, I never understood why people didn't like underwater. Harpoon gun is so similar to rifle for engineers that the difference is almost negligible. And most of our key damage skills work underwater.

Then I tried thief underwater and I realized just how much ass it is for other classes. The problem isn't the combat itself, it's the skills most classes are railroaded into.

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