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  1. -To be fair. All weapons are made like this. some have block , some gap closer,.. You always find similarities in all weapon sets.-Hybrid GS is(was) Reapers GS. You can actually still play it as condi.-I can't say that Precision Strike is something good for cleave. Because you can hit 1 target with all 3 attacks if you get near the hitbox.SW3 you cannat really control. So no cleave from this one but with other spells I will agree with you. Guy maybe means that Guard can deal massive AoE. yea we can autoattack ˘˘ Im kinda OK with every weapon. If it will be usefull. I believe if devs decide to
  2. Well, Youtube facts. There is no such thing as "your facts" and "my facts." There are only facts. I find it silly that people engage in the whole "your facts" when if you go to Youtube and actually do a search on Herald builds you'd see that most of what is on Youtube is out of meta. Why pretend otherwise? How could anything Herald related be out of meta...? The meta Herald build hasn't really changed for 2 years, lol. Just for fun, I went and youtube searched "gw2 Herald pvp" and there's about 8 or so videos posted after the Herald rework, and they're basically exactly the same as all the
  3. Because Engineer is fun? Just because someone can do something easier or do something with fewer issues doesn't suddenly mean that Engineer isn't playable. Part of playing Engineer is in the challenge it presents. The inherent appeal of Engineer more relies on the playstyle it generates and the challenge it presents. People who don't want to deal with those issues do in fact pick up Warrior or Mesmer etc etc. Engineer was never going to appeal to those types. People who stick it out with Engineer are doing so because they enjoy what the profession is, not what it is not. If we wanted easy we
  4. I guess that's true, many toolbelt skills are hardly anything to feel good about, though a few of them are pretty good. that's.... sort of disappointing actually, considering that the toolbelt is the profession mechanic of engineers. Hmm, may as well just delete the toolbelt and let engineers use kits on their F slots. :/ (since kits are probably 500% more impactful in builds than the toolbelt abilities). Toolbelt skills are fine. "Boring" isn't as important as function and so long as they work I don't care if they excite me or not. Many of the toolbelt skills can be useful and as such, I ha
  5. Ok, your question is intellectually dishonest and this is a stupid thing to make a big deal out of. Anything further and I'll refer you to the post you don't want to read. Scourge is such a pain. Lol , you called me intellectually dishonest twice.Only once is shown.. hmm, scratching my head. I wonder why that is.There is no telling. Anyways, telling someone to git gud or L2p without actually explaining what it means to doesn't help anyone.It was removed by the moderators so I think that's an indication that they want the conversation dropped.
  6. +1 I do think that giving overcharge control back to the player would be a huge improvement. mmmmm, no. I'm not about to plop myself down and make myself a sitting duck for all kinds of attacks. The risk vs reward just does not work out in your favor with that.
  7. I don't mind the lack of damage. But the delay created by the animation is problematic as far as I'm concerned. I wish it was a bit faster or it lasted a bit longer as most of the time if I catch someone they are gone shortly after I stop them.
  8. Well, Youtube facts. There is no such thing as "your facts" and "my facts." There are only facts. I find it silly that people engage in the whole "your facts" when if you go to Youtube and actually do a search on Herald builds you'd see that most of what is on Youtube is out of meta. Why pretend otherwise?
  9. I describe the skills in order to make my point about the benefits of one set of skills over another set of skills. I've learned that not everyone actually knows all of what a skill does, only part of what a skill does (typically the just the part they want to change). Thus, in order to have a proper conversation, I describe what I see is good or bad about a skill. Damage and range have bearing on this discussion as they play into why a skill works the way it does. You can't answer the question you asked by isolating the skills and looking at them in a vacuum. The lack of a blast field is due,
  10. No, not really. Both Scrapper and Holosmith are fun to play. They bring something new to the table. They modify and change my experience as an Engineer player. There is room for improvement in the realm of Scrapper but overall, I don't miss the days before the expansion. You can still play a build that rotates through various kits to adapt to the current situation. Most of what you mention isn't necessarily gone. Changed some, but not completely gone.
  11. Whether "L2P" is hard to hear or not is irrelevant. The term itself is useless if there's no other indication beyond that. If someone went all the way to this forum to express difficulties it's because he may be in need of a personalized answer. It's obvious that he needs to "git gud" or whatever makes the poster feel good these days but he'd welcome more details on holosmiths such as: -The source of all these dodges (probably the sigil of energy with the ease of weapon swapping).-The main source of stability, the traited Corona Burst that lands.-The means to cleanse conditions (which are var
  12. I never really have any problem with Unrelenting Assualt. Additionally, the skill not following someone who moves out of range is how a skill should work.
  13. The fact that the attacks are the same is not an opinion. It's an observable fact. The experience of them may be different but a spin attack is still a spin attack. That isn't an opinion, that's an observable fact. A gap closer is still a gap closer. That's not an opinion, that's an observable fact. An attack that draws your opponent to you is still an attack that draws your opponent to you. These are all observable facts, not opinions. What you are discussing with Warrior, Guardian, and Ranger are what they do with the weapon. What I was discussing was how they go about doing that and how the
  14. I dont understand this dogma that ranged weapons cannot be stronger than melee weapons. Especially in a game that has skill splitting for different game modes and on top of that is very oriented towards forcing people into short range stacking due to boon sharing and aoe nature of heals What would be the downside if Longbow had same dps output as greatsword in PvE only? It would actually give us some much needed refreshment in my opinion Higher melee damage is the reward for putting yourself in more direct danger than you would be at range. The underlying logic here applies even in PvE as mele
  15. You should be doing fine with it in PvE. Renegade's shortbow says HI. Indeed. Yeah, I think a handful of QoL improvements would make the weapon great. I love using it, much like I love using Renegade shortbow, it is just so sad that you take a hit to your overall efficiency to use something so fun. Really?
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