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Return of the evil factions


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It's been a few days, and the post-PoF glow should be dying down a little, so I'd like to take us back to core Tyria for a bit. We have a ton of villainous factions still out there, doing bad stuff. Thankfully, Season 3 took care of most of the bandit problem in Kryta (they were really White Mantle) and it made me think that we haven't heard much from the other races' evil factions.

  • Sons of Svanir: we got a bit from them in Bitterfrost, and we'll probably see them more when we finally tackle Jormag, so we can shelve them for now.
  • Nightmare Court: HoT touched on them a little bit, but not nearly enough to be considered resolved. Between Twilight Arbor and killing Faolain, we've done a lot to curb their progress and this new Duchess might even take them in a new direction.
  • The Inquest: these nasty buggers get everywhere, and we still don't know what their overall purpose is. Kudu's dead thanks to Crucible of Eternity, but who really runs the Inquest? Are they independent cells or working on something bigger...
  • Flame Legion: the quietest of the factions, I dare say. They aren't tied to the dragons, or plotting anything grand to my knowledge. Their last major contribution to the plot was the Citadel of Flames, where their leader was whacked. They are probably my biggest fascination at the moment, as I really want to push further into charr lands.

So what about you? Which faction would you like to see more of, and did I forget a major important group?

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@DebraKadabra.5278 said:Not really an evil faction but.. the Largos.

No, no, they're evil. Though, the only reason to see them more would be to stab them lots.

I still want to know what's up with them. Same with the Tengu.

Not evil, just very, very insular. Firing arrows on people during the attack on Lion's Arch was a kitten move, but that was motivated by protecting their borders.Now gimme playable burbs.

A focus on the Svanir would at least give Norn something. It irks me that they're such a non-entity in the world.Nightmare Court should have gotten some attention during HoT. It didn't. Even a Current Events feature would have been/would be nice.

Path of Fire has its own evil faction in the Returned and the followers of P-Joko, so I doubt we'll see any of the Tyrian factions represented in Elona.So maybe some of the part-time evils, like the 'lesser' races?Dredge could be a nuanced one.Skritt?I'd say Jotun, but hearing the voice actors directed to say "JOE-tun" is a cheese grater to my psyche.

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Jade brotherhood and Ministry of Whispers come to mind. We know Cantha still exist to an extent due to Doern Velazquez of the Order of Whispers being from there.Not that they'd have a major impact as of current.

I also wonder about the Dragons that have sentience but no guidance like Kunnavang. Aurene will be covered but what interested me about the story was the shift toward the notion of balance. With a certain dragon gone this makes it possible for another to take its place and perhaps have a gateway toward a new region.

Then there's always the margonites or whatever is left of them.

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