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  1. I respectfully disagree that the offender is not the skill itself. The skill itself shutsdown ranged counterplay to boon-ball which further pushes and enables the blob on blob melee fest. It has no limitation on the number of skills it can stop which itself is a problem. To put this in perspective it would be akin to giving everyone 100% melee damage reduction so long as they remain isolated from their team. It's bad design and rewards bad gameplay habbits. Right now the lever on boons and defensive skills has swung way too far in favor of melee and some skills like this one are core enablers of it. The sheer fact that Anet knows this enough to design engineer a "Non-projectile" ranged weapon showcases that even they realize that in competive modes the ability to remove inteded counter-play is bad. However, anet's devs have stopped short of coming up with realistic solutions to said problem skills.
  2. I'd also add that Protective Solace needs a real downside. Make it so the Rev is unable to reposition it while solace is active and give it a cooldown so they cannot just hot-toggle to move it and activate bypassing the energy. It's a real nasty contributor to boon-balling as it allows complete mitigation of most ranged attacks which is absolutely absurd. It wasn't healthy when Winds of Disenchantment could move and neither is this.
  3. It's almost like you answered the question as to why hotjoin and like systems won't work. People don't play organized instanced content to be unorganized.
  4. No i don't think they do. After John Smith, Chris Cleary took over and he's no longer with Anet either.
  5. Hey while we're here fixing projectiles and their wonky interaction Warrior says hello. Please fix Flaming Flurry, it's only been a way nastier offender of random projectile says no for longer than axe has even been a pipe dream.
  6. Sometimes the legendary armory does weird things to infusions if they aren't uniformly used across all build templates and stores them in a psudeospace that is both in inventory and not.
  7. This is the acceptable answer. Don't remove, just add to the system. Also, when a squad marker is placed on an entity allow players to take that target no different than taking a personal target.
  8. I agree. That's probably why anet has Private Instances. So you can guarentee success and not deal with this kind of behavior.
  9. a fun surprise for me would be allowing engineer to weapon swap in combat. It's a surprise only because it will never happen.
  10. God no. What do you think this is work ? That's the only place we're allowed to slack off and have the dreaded F word.
  11. ideally they just break apart links once this is out of beta in 2077
  12. I was there when there was Orbs of Power Spawn Trebs Enemies in your Spawn
  13. You don't want my advice on how i handle it. It's likely to result in a ban. But if you're curious fire, lots of fire.
  14. I don't understand... None of the things mentioned make WoW look any less like a childs art project with oversaturated colors, exaggerated character models and the exact same framerate issues. Not like WoW even has to worry about large scale PvP anyway. That's a dead mode in that game too.
  15. Ziplines are just as buggy. If you ever have a framrate hitch you'll notice this as it will kick you from the zipline early as serverside the timer say's you're at the end but thanks to that nice hitch clientside, you're short.
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