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  1. Scrapper already does this, where is it's mass aegis and group stability ?
  2. Well, good news, bad news. Good news you can do exactly what you want. Bad news it takes crafting another legendary.
  3. I'm well aware that the community is wide and diverse. I'm giving back the same low effort that was given. Much like respect.
  4. K. Did that. It's still not hate speech or ageism. But keep protesting, eventually senior citizens everywhere will rally to your cause or it will be forgotten and lost to time.
  5. It's not offensive. It's a medical condition. The skill name change however is just bad as it no longer fits with the time theme the rest of the wells had.
  6. Nothing is as monopolized as those two buffs. So probably not much. Also, if your argument against it is but mah slippery slope, you've pretty much proven why it needs to happen as you don't have a valid reason why it shouldn't.
  7. For role diversity, not content. Right now if you want to support you have 4 options. Two of which are primary support due to monopolization. If you want to dps you have multitudes more
  8. Removing the per character dungeon unlock would be my easiest request. Too many alts, too little care to re-run explorable on whichever is my flavor of the month. Treat dungeons like any other content, if you've done it once, it's unlocked for the account.
  9. It's a placebo fix. At best you'll see a slight uptick in people doing raids for the first 2 months. However, what you're gonna also see is new complaints from the same crowd. No one is willing to lead/teach. Still too daunting with too much mechanical interactions, too much visual noise/clutter. It will venture from one excuse to another, some more valid than others. While i personally don't dislike the attempt to bring more people in, more fixes than this are required. I don't have all the answers as to how to fix it but there's more they can do like adding proper tra
  10. Ah yes, because when i think offensive stats i think vitality and taking more agony damage. There was no reason to change this into vitality, a defensive stat. If you absolutely had to change it because of precision being over capped then change it to power or ferocity.
  11. Just want to state that i'm not claiming it was unique or special. Just that people who are at this point complaining about how hard this is are being a bit disingenious. The meta is time consuming but far from hard. It's on par with Dragon's Stand/Dragonfall as far as difficulty. I never stated any one build so i'm not sure why you think that's important to bring up. I merely said there's enough damage flying around that it's not a dps check especially post nerf. You can almost always skip one section of the fight due to this.
  12. You're doing it wrong then. I've done nearly 50 runs, 47 of them have been succesful. The 3 that weren't were all pre-nerf and balance adjustments to the fight. You need to be on map, getting organized and listed in LFG during the preperations phase. You ideally want everyone on the map to do at a minimum 5 events and each region to get to High readiness. Then during the assualt phase all you need to do is evenly split up between east and west and let a small group of 5-10 take care of center. Once east and west are done and everyone is back at the dragon crystal phase split u
  13. Using the word "Free" to describe a "Purchase" is pretty blinding i'd grant you that. But hey i've got a Free house for you if you'd like, it only cost about 4.5million USD.
  14. The base game is already "free". The expansions are not. Adding the story complimentry with purchase still requires a purchase. It's not "Free". Also you're whole arguement is pretty dang baseless because you got those exact same story steps for "free" as you like to put it just for loging in. So complaining that the people who came after you somehow are getting a better deal is just wrong on so many levels. They're not getting a Boat+Car+Truck. They're getting the exact same "Car" you got. Apparently it is. I've already covered why your position is incredib
  15. No as they would be incorporated into the expansions which last i checked are not free. I know that's a hard distinction to make, but i was pretty clear about requiring the purchase of the expansions. That doesn't make them "free".
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