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Event Inactivity Messages

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@"carrolltech.9215" said:I have been receiving these messages all day and I am concerned that I am not getting the loot that I should be, it comes up before the event is completed.

If you genuinely aren't participating, then the messages are correct. On the other hand, I've noticed a tendency for those messages to appear after the event succeeds and I got my rewards, referring to the event that's finished. (So they might refer to a previous instance of the event.)

Sometimes you can get tagged as participating even though you aren't really, for example if you accidentally or even on purpose hit a foe that's part of the event, but not with the aim of joining the event.

EDIT: Extra question: what "tier" of event reward do you get when the event succeeds? (Look at the badge/medal on the bouncy reward chest, to see gold/silver/bronze.)

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All these messages are events that I have participated in, for example. the image was from an active DS Meta I was participating in, When I received the reward I had 200% Participation, This is fine and correct - so in this case the message appeared to not be connected to the reward. But I am wondering if this is always the case as I receive it for EVERY event I take part in.

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I have noticed receiving messages about no longer participating in an event not too long after successfully completing it and getting my rewards. This it not new though (at least for me) and I dont even remember anymore when I noticed it first, but it was quite a while before the halloween event started. May have been months ago. I DO remember though that at the time when I noticed it, it was clearly something that had not happened before, and I asked in guildchat about why I keep getting "no longer participating" messages constantly even when completing them successfully. Noone knew or noticed though.

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