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Immense pop-ups after loading / Loading screen ends too early after loading 10% (PoF only)


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In PoF maps - and only there - I have an issue which is super annoying: When the loading screen disappears (after only a few seconds), I am literally still loading everything, as if the loading screen is coded to end earlier. It happens whenever there is a loading screen and, less severe, when I use a waypoint.

I literally start with the skybox, then everything pops in: Trees, structures (e.g. houses, fences), people, NPC, player characters, often with no skin (just black placeholders), flora and such. But not fast, no, I takes easily 10-15 seconds. I've seen "through" a loading screen in FF14 once due to a graphical glitch and it was the same. A loading screen should basically "hide" this weird preparing of the game world, not literally beam me into space and then doing that as this is an Opera and the backstage people forgot to prepare the next scene. In general, the hard disk usage is very high, when I look how low VRAM and RAM usage is, I wonder why the loading takes so long for literally everything and is constantly ongoing.

In Core Tyria and HoT, the loading screen works as intended: 90% of the environment is in place when the screen disappears, just certain things getting reloaded and cached, a bit like in the Unreal 3 engine. But at least it works when I let it load until my HD LED stops flashing. But in PoF, it's poorly optimized, HD flickers almost always when travelling trough the places on my raptor and then, well, the loading screen that vanishes too early.

  • Ryzen 7 1700X
  • GTX1080
  • 16 GByte of RAM
  • Windows 10
  • Western Digital Blue 6 TByte
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Excelsior.I could understand that with NPC and player character's positions, that they pop in when they coordinates have been transmitted a bit late due to stressed servers, but structures and such should be (and most likely are) read from a file of my disk. And still, if the loading is not finished, how can the program just override the loading screen and send me into an empty skybox?

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