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Mirage Trait Options Question


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Hi there!

I am curious, I have been playing some Mirage lately and I have been using the MetaBattle build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mirage_-_Carrion_Ineptitude

I understand the trait selection and how it maximises damage, gives great additional condi stacks, and enhances your shatters. Its great for dueling, and I really enjoy it. However when I get focused I can go down REAL fast

I was wondering if it would ever be worth trying to trade some damage for some more defensice traits. Would it be worth swapping Ilusions for Chaos?

Inspiration would give me a lot of condi cleanse, not something I need too much with my cleanse skill. Not sure the trait would save me vs a heavy condi focus. Hence Chaos is probably the most appealing alternative trait path becasue it gives bonus regen, protection, extra distortion from Auspicious Anguish, a little bit of damage reduction from Illusionary Defense.

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