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[BUGS] Pet-Bug Collection in Beastmode


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This topic should work as a collection for all bugs that occuren when in Soulbeastmode (SBM).I'll put all new listed bugs on this front page.

List the pet, the skill and the bug.

  1. Spiders: Poison Gas: The targeting is absolutely unusable. It overshoots targets regularly. -> Ground target needed.
  2. Birds: Swoop: Distance is either not correct on the tooltip or its bugged and simply dont work on the intended distance.
  3. Rock Gazelle: Charge: Daze duration does not match Tooltip. The range does bug out some times and the dmg is probably bugged too.

I have noticed that sedina made a whole topic with all soulbeast bugs. This topic is thus redundant.

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@mintkola.3756 said:The Iboga skill Consuming Bite doesn't get the extra damage it's supposed to from conditions on the enemy.

Post in the bug-collection thread here:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/5067/soulbeast-list-of-bugged-non-functional-abilities-and-traits

(Note: Seen this as well. This pet should be able to do some crazy high autoattack dps, but it indeed seems broken, or the tooltip is wrong. 338 extra damage for each condition afflicting the target would add up quickly)

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