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  1. You don't need to to teach me on the bunny thumper or the mechanics of it. You can argue all you want, Untamed isn't even close. Also, who are these "everyone" people refer to, trying to put the blame on for the spec we got? Give it a rest. I don't recall personally ever asking for the bunny thumper, maybe I did, most likely I didn't. That doesn't really matter though.
  2. Thing is, they didn't give us the Bunny Thumper, they gave us The Untamed. Learn and understand the difference.
  3. I for one sure would like to be able to swap pets again on my Soulbeast. They removed that because they thought all elite specs should have some drawback. I don't agree with that, but whatever. In this case, they took away fun and versatility from the class, and I can't see that as a good thing. It's not the first time, and they will do it again. We'll have to see what they will take away from the Untamed after a few months (not that it had many good things to begin with, but, yeah...)
  4. Anet have always overtuned their new stuff to give people yet another reason to buy their expansions, its been the same ever since the first expansion released for the original Guild Wars.
  5. I'd love for that to happen, it was great fun and imho it makes sense with a longer leash range. Pretty sure it will never change back to what it was though (or even increased). I also liked the old Guard command, and would love to see that return.
  6. For true fullscreen mode, that's normal behavior. Windowed fullscreen (or borderless if you will) on the other hand allows for moving the mousepointer to the other monitor.
  7. Not sure what to make of this. If I play windowed fullscreen, that's what I get, with no visible task bar. That's how it should work, and always works for me in all games that supports this. No issues mousing over to the other monitors either. So, sounds like a bug on your part, or some settings you haven't set right.
  8. What I refer to as their "regular attacks" are the pets equivalent to our #1 skill, slash for birds, bite for canines, slash for bears and so on. I would assume that pets on the Untamed spec still use their #1 skills, unleashed or not. As for the Iboga, I can't really say. According to the wiki, it doesn't get affected, but if I find the time I'll test it myself, with and without quickness.
  9. I don't really understand what you are getting at, are you talking about the special attacks that all pets get when unleashed or what? Point was that quickness for pets ONLY affects their autoattacks (Edit: with 'auto attacks', or 'regular attacks', I'm talking about the equivalent to our #1 weapon skills), and also that it ONLY works on the pets specified in my previous post. As for any new pets coming with the expansion, and how they will work with quickness, we'll just have to wait and see, but I would think that quickness will work on them as well (on their regular attack
  10. To see how quickness affects different pets, simply go to the special forces area and try them out, with and without the quickness buff. If it works, there should be a dps increase. According to the wiki, "Quickness will only increase the attack speed of regular attacks from devourer, spider, smokescale, bristleback or wyvern pets. On any other pet, quickness does not increase regular attack speed."
  11. Mukluk did a pretty good video on some of the bugs and issues that the spec suffers from:
  12. Yeah, again completly missing the mark, and synergy goes out the window. This is the spec that is in conflict with itself.
  13. Well, they had to add *something*, since the spec was so severely lacking, and since they failed miserably to deliver what they said to deliver with the spec, which imho seems to point to how little actual effort was put into this spec compared to some of the others.
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