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getting pof raptor mount


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You're never locked out of anything as a result of levelling up in this game. When you're in a map below your level or in a story instance you're above the level for you'll be down-scalled to the intended level. You'll still have all your skills, traits and equipment but your stats will be reduced to that level. You'll still get drops and XP appropriate for your level however.

The way I think of it is that at level 80 the game is basically free-roaming. You can go to any map you own at any time and do the content in almost any order. The only exception is that you have to play through the personal story and the expansion stories in order. You can skip to PoF or HoT (as you know) but for example you can't choose to skip the level 30 storyline because you find it boring, you have to complete it before you can do the rest of the personal story.

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