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pvp - knocklock zerker

Stand The Wall.6987

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so ive been messing around with the new strength gm trait. this is one of the better meme builds out there. its like being in rampage 24/7.kick is used for 7 reasons: setting up combos with your bigger hitting skills, pissing the enemy off, stripping stab, refilling adren when you miss with a burst skill, filler for missing 5 sec weap swap, gap closer, and general memeage. so there is basically no reason not to use it. arms is such a dps increase you will wonder why you've never used it before. with this massive deeps boost you will laugh at all the defense + discipline bads. weakness spam will punish foes foolish enough to challenge you.

have fun and your welcome.

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Gs is still kinda mandatory, or atleast sword mainhand level mobillity, everything else is not viable atm. Getting on and off a point is one of the key mechanics of pvp, not having that means your build is basically useless, except its so strong in 1v1 or 1v2 that you never have to leave your point and just roflstomp whoever opposes you so that your team can cap the other 2 points while you fend off 2 or more enemies

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