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Why was skull grinder even nerfed?


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When pretty much any type of condition build on other classes is immensely more overpowered than skull grinder ever was? And the arbitrary removal of the blast finisher too. Every time I make a condi build in editor I can't see why I would ever do it when I can go full berserker stats and have a kitten ton more damage and more survivability.

I've been wanting to make a support/condition build for warrior but cannot justify going condi over power.

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They nerfed berserker overall because of incoming new elite spec, spellbreaker. As if burst level 3 to 1 nerf wasn't enough...Most of those nerfs were unjustified and made berserker obsolete now.

I have hopes for berserker being good in pvp/wvw (and power variant being also good dps in pve) in the future, people are more vocal about it nowadays.But if it takes like half a year or more, that would be stupid. Let's hope the systems team is not that bad :relieved:

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