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Give us a match download tool


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@Ayrilana.1396 said:As opposed to Anet absorbing those costs as well as any impact on server performance/storage this may cause?

They don't need to keep the replays forever, not even dota does it, and a what, 500 players community won't hurt the servers that much. They still can set it as an option, that I am pretty sure only ppl from gold 2 and up will use

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Hm, I know from dev comments that they keep skill use and position data already. So, in theory they might be able to export that data to the client then retool the standard engine to playback from a saved match file. That wouldn't be a terribly large amount of data, I'd imagine. Plus it would be hosted on the client system for curation. There wouldn't be any need to preserve the data in the playback form after the match server side.

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