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Guild Wars 2 xpac [suggestion]


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The game doesn't need a new graphics engine. The game needs upgrades to the current one.I mean, WoW, doing fine with the same engine as Warcraft 3, that's a 16 year old engine, still top of the market.Bethesda is still using Creation Engine since 2011, and apparently will use the same engine for the next couple of games as well.I could go on.

Clearly GW2's engine is much superior to WoW's even though it's only a couple years younger (GW2 uses a modified version of GW1's), the issue is that Blizzard has been constantly upgrading their tech, their engine is optimized for DX11 and now also supporting DX12, while Arena Net is still using DX9 which was developed before MultiCore CPUs were really a thing, and as such it doesn't take full advantage of current hardware and is severely deprecated in terms of how it interacts with current OS.I mean most GPU drivers don't have native DX9 support, and a lot of the third party Engines also stopped supporting DX9.Honestly GW2 is the only game i can think of right now that has active development and still uses only DX9.

And that's only one step in the optimization.

The game is notoriously poorly optimized especially in the content that it should shine the brightest (big world bosses), even with top notch machines the game will barely be up for console standards on HD, forget 4K.

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Good frames won't save bad paintings. A new graphics engine will not fix the things "most players" are concerned about I think.

Tbf, I'm kinda happy with the game and it still looks good to me. I've never been one to valaue visuals over gameplay aynway, but maybe that's just me. The things the game could improve on are things like reworking abandoned assets/content or adding more QoL to the UI, new game modes for PvP or the promissed alliances are things I look forward to. Not how the game looks.

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How it runs adds more to the play experience at the very least. If people like the game then maybe they'll like it more with higher fps in large battles while retaining high graphics settings. Full potential usage of their ever so powerful hardware couldn't hurt.

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