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  1. Yes and can we have the Golemancer Golem back as well...maybe reskinned as a catgolem if possible?
  2. Because when you login to this forum your posts actually timetravel back to year 2002. They still MySpace here!
  3. Fishing was a mistake. Fishin will most likely not get anything added beyond further collections. Those collections will be an afterthought, as has been demonstrated with SotO. Fishing was a mistake.
  4. 1) Jup, If you don't like it, reskin it, it's legendary, it's free. 2) It's only tier 1, maybe the next tiers will be more to your particular liking. 3) I remember the same thing being a "problem" when they released the legendary armors for raids. The problem being it's a very big investment in terms of gold, time and effort and there only being one skin per weight class. That one skin can under no circumstances please everyone who is going for the item. So it is unavoidable, that many players will not be happy about the look that they are getting for all the gold, time and effort they have put into aquiring the item. I believe this was was part of why ANet made the legendary armors for WvW and PvP rather bland and also shyed away from putting the effort into them of having them have movable parts and such effects. 4) Just hope they quality tested the dye channels and any shenanigans on these new armors before shipping. Existing legy armors have glitches and dye channels that aren't working right ANet never bothered looking into, so you better hope these new ones roll out perfect. 😉
  5. How could the crazy cat-person chair not appeal to so many people? The comfy cat bed and the adventurous cat outfit probably single handedly funded the next expansion. 😄 Also: Yes to Skysausage for first of April.
  6. Charr are cat-cows, that orange and those eyes are available, the character in the picture has a tail like a charr, the picture is part of a set that showcases the new armor on different available playable races, a new race would be something more different than just "tigers", there will never be a new playable race for reasons discussed ad nauseam please use the forums earch feature. But sure, believe what you want. It's a tiger. It definitely hints at a new playable race just don't bet any money on it.
  7. You can but they will be a lot less populated. Activities are very, very niche content.
  8. Wait those are real? 😧 If so then drops are getting worse each time they're coming around it seems. I mean we started with a skin that was somewhat exclusive and hasn't been available in years, went to outfit vouchers and have now arrived at Trading Post Expresses?
  9. Oh good! Was trying to find it on the wiki but wasn't able. Thanks! Anyway, New bosses mean more variety, which is what this instance really need. Now all there is to hope for are two things 1) that the encounters are more or less bug free and 2) that the're more or less on par when it come to time and difficulty.
  10. Have they fixed Sorrow in the mean time or does it still bug out when landing the water?
  11. This seems to be the new topic of the week... well at least it's one I can get behind for once. 🤷‍♂️
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