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Select map(s) [suggestion]


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Select one or a few maps each week or month to showcase with new quests. DEs, special loot, bonuses, enhancements, special promotions, etc - to add more replayability to older maps and also to concentrate the community into more specific areas of the game for periods of time; like a venue event or something of that sort.

Themes for each event or map of the week/month could give more flavor to each one.

An example of an event could be mining/harvesting for unique drops for a prize, etc.

Events could run like holiday events (similarly) but with less map changes and on weekly or monthly intervals instead.

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I think adding new events every week is optimistic because that would be a lot of work. But maybe they could add more Current Events/Side Stories stuff, maybe once a month or so. I really hope we get some as a follow up to this episode, partially because there's so much follow up which needs to happen and a lot of that would realistically be immediate, but also because I don't want to wait 3 months to find out what happens next.

Anet did once say they weren't going to add new events which aren't part of the main story to older maps because they did it once and no one seemed to notice. But that was not long after launch when players were still trying to figure out the existing events and if I remember correctly the patch notes literally just said "Added hundreds of new events to the game" with absolutely no info on what they were or where to find them.

Hopefully when they started doing the current events stuff that was an attempt to re-visit that concept with a bit more guidance to help us find it, and I think it's been considerably more successful, so it seems likely they would continue that.

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