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[SPOILER] Episode 5 of Living World Season 4 – All or Nothing - Crazy Fan Theories

Lord Rex.4261

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Well, as we all know All or Nothing ended up as Nothing in the end, so... here I'm for some open debate.

Also I stumbled up this comment from here yesterday:

Salvinius Augustus2 days agoGOOD. Now the real hero of Tyria, Lord Farren, can finally take charge of the situation and save the world.

Regarding this: I'd like to have an official statement from ArenaNet that Lord Farren will come, heal Aurene, marry the main hero and save the situation!

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As far as crazy fan theories (are those crazy theories by fans, or theories by crazy fans?)

Had a weird thought last night as I was drifting off to sleep (so, maybe it's just incoherent nonsense). Aurene has absorbed energy from Mordremoth, Balthazar, maybe some from Zhaitan. But she hasn't directly absorbed energy from Kraalkatorik prior to Ep5, despite being made of similar stuff.

The thought was something like... to replace Kraalkatorik without turning into another Kraalkatorik, she needs to absorb a large amount of his energy and start... producing the magical equivalent of antibodies? But her fear was that his corruption was stronger than her... purity?... and she would just be overwhelmed and branded.

I'm wondering if that's the reason, despite her prophecy, she went ahead and faced him head on. That the trials of Ascension gave her the confidence to know that her will, especially when she is supported by her champion, is stronger than his.

But if the antibody analogy holds, it would also mean that her branding would make people immune to Kraalkatorik's branding, and could possibly even restore the free will of Kraalkatorik's branded? Nothing really to support any of it, but it could be an interesting direction to take things.

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